About Us

We are a group of pet parents! We are dog lovers and as diverse as a group as can be.

We love our pups (the dogs in the photos of Rocky, Nixi and Dante are real dogs, real four legged family members that we love and adore). And, they are really named Rocky, Nixi and Dante.


Our dogs are loved members of the family and are to be treated with love and respect.

We are responsible for the health, well-being and happiness of our dogs.
Our goal is to help them to thrive and feel loved!

Your Welcome Waggin’

Is an older, much more mature – yet fun loving piano player – Jason is truly young at heart! Jason has enjoyed Rocky ever since he rescued him from an animal shelter. Sometimes, too much walking, especially in the city can be a challenge for Jason (who has walked many miles) yet Rocky always takes things in stride.

As a focused entrepreneur, Nixi has been a true inspiration to Brandon for his life work. Nixi is very much family to Brandon and even with his crazy, busy schedule he does enjoy moments with her.

A recent college graduate and new to a larger company, Maria has had to uproot Dante from their beautiful small town life where they both met, to the city where the job is. The transition is an adventure that many of you will relate to.

Do you have stories about your four-legged family member?

We would love to hear! Send pictures and photos to us at mystory@citydogtails.com

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