Meet Dante

dante1This is a tale about a couple of friends exploring a new world together. Along with her collie companion, a young woman journeys to the city for new opportunities. Grace has recently graduated and has moved to the city to search for work and forge her own path in life. But she’s not alone on this adventure. Joined by her faithful companion, Dante, they both face a world that is completely different from their life back home.

Dante has been accustomed to living life as an outdoor working dog, herding animals and exploring wide open playing fields. Having lived all his life in such natural surroundings, he loves the freedom that the spacious environment provides. No boundaries, no limitations. Such standards are what he has become comfortable with, and have impacted his personality and the way he handles himself in every situation.


In Charge

Throughout his life, Dante has become accustomed to being a dog that’s in charge. The animals around his home listen to him and his companion is even confident enough in him to consider his suggestions, eventually developing his clever and intelligent abilities into a rather surly attitude. For him, the word “no” doesn’t mean “no.” It often means that you just have to try a little harder to convince them.

For his companion, this often turns into negotiations rather than commands, putting them in a rather odd picture of a couple fighting about some of the silliest things you can imagine. But when things get serious, Dante really knows how to handle himself and understands the value of working with his companion in order to get the job done.

Though they have their arguments, the pair is more than happy to have each other for company. Without friends or family to rely on in the city, the pair must rely on one another to keep their spirits up, their minds focused, and their hearts determined. While the changes can be uncomfortable and even irritating at times, the fact that they have each other brings them closer together than ever before.

At the beginning of the tales of Dante and his companion’s journey, life for them has changed completely. New people, new ideas, new places to visit are only just the beginning for this pair. Now they have to learn how to adjust to their new home and learn what it really means to be the best of friends.


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