Dog Journal – Entry 217: Doggy Doc

vet-3895477_640It started out with the rain yesterday and now I got the sniffles. This is not exactly fun, but at least my nose is wet. However, my pal thinks this is a very big deal. In fact, it’s so major that I’m sitting in the doc’s office right now. Yuppers, no matter how many times I tell her I’m fine, there was no way out of this.

At the doc’s office, things are always a little odd. Like there’s always the cat that sits on the counter and seems utterly exhausted all the time. I think he moved from one side of the counter to lay down on the other just to make sure no one else was going to try petting him. The puppy on the other side of the room was busy making up the energy difference though, all bouncy with sniffing everything. I could tell the young pup wanted to come over and play with me, but there are rules.

That’s the one thing we don’t do at the doc’s office, we do not get to play with one another. So this makes the wait so very boring.

Getting inspected isn’t all that bad. I just don’t like certain things like the poking around in my ear. And the worst part is that the doc won’t even let me sniff it so I can smell whatever she found in there.

But then the doc wanted to see all the thing’s I’ve eaten. Opening my mouth and looking in there was not something I normally allow others to do, especially since they might try taking some of it away. People are sneaky that way sometimes, and they can never be trusted when they want to know what’s in your mouth. Just run. Run away.

I tried to tell them that I didn’t eat anything I wasn’t supposed to, at least today, but they were still determined to find out what was in my mouth. So after some wrestling and a bit of sliding around the table (which always seemed odd since I’m not allowed to sit on the table at home), my friend and the doc teamed up and managed to find out there was nothing really interesting in my mouth.

So I have no idea what the conclusion of the matter was, but at least I got the treat at the end. You might think my friend is the one that enjoys all of this, but she doesn’t really seem to have fun when we come here. Oh well, at least all this is over and we can go play outside and splash around in the puddles or something fun like that.