Dog Journal – Entry 219: Dog Store

puppy-17473_640We were going on a trip together! I love it when my friend takes me along with him for a nice trip to somewhere. I don’t think it matters where, just so long as it’s not to the doc’s office. And I’m pretty sure today is not the day for that because we had my walking leash.

I sat in the front seat, watching and looking for a good place to go. I could see my nose prints dragging all around the window already as I searched for a good sniff. We past a park and I looked over to my friend to ask him about it, but my friend didn’t stop. There were some other peoples walking down the sidewalk, but we didn’t stop for them either. It began to feel like even if there was a clown blowing up weenie dog balloons and juggling pancakes we weren’t going to stop.

Finally we slowed down into a place full of other cars like ours. This had to be the place. There where other peoples and doggies walking in and out of the place, so we should just fit right in around here. Which is really cool! I can’t remember a place where I got to go inside.

We managed to dodge the sliding doors before they closed on our tail, and that’s when I knew we had found the most awesome spot. There were all sorts of cool stuffs for me! I couldn’t decide where we should go first, this way or that one or play with the balls or run around and chase my tail.

So I let my friend lead the way since I couldn’t make up my mind. The first stop we made was just for visiting or something. Many of the creatures were in boxes, some of them staring back at me. I watched a big ball of fluff wiggle it’s nose and stare at me with beady little eyes. Then it sneezed on the side of its box and continued running in it’s wheel. That’s sort of cool, I wonder if I can get one of those for our house?

It turns out that I cannot have a big wheel to run inside the house.

I met another pupper that was trying to pick out stuff too, but she was way too hyped up about picking out a new leash that there wasn’t really much time for more than a friendly sniff and tail wag. Oh well, we had our own mission or something. I don’t really know, I didn’t plan any of this.

We finally agreed that I needed a new bed. And the toy I’d dropped in it. The squeaking one with the big tail that I can spend all day pulling the fluff out. I didn’t even really have to be either, my pal just went with the flow and things were easy. Today is turning out to be a mighty fine day.

And the part at the end where I got a treat from the guy at the counter was cool too. The only problem I think I’m gonna have now is trying to convince my friend that we gotta do this every day!