Dog Journal – Entry 218: Bush Tail

shiba-inu-3846767_640I realized that my tail is always following me. This is not always a problem, but it does get annoying sometimes. I’ve been stuck, caught, and even blamed for things jumping off the table before because of my tail. So yeah, it’s gotten me into trouble more often than a cat naps.

Perhaps the biggest problem with my tail is that it always gets stuck when I try to make a break for the door crack. Yeah, I’d have made it out so many times if I didn’t have that big bushy tail lugging my hinder quarters. I’ve had it stepped on too, but at least my friend always gives me the love when I let out the yelps. And you know I have to play it for every bit of love I can squeeze out of such a painful situation.

And another thing about having a wavy flag following me everywhere is that everyone can find me. It makes it that much harder to hide when bathtime rolls around or even when we’re doing the chasing games.

Sometimes it can be nice though, especially since I can wave it around like flag so when people see me, they know it’s time to pet me and give me some attention. It waves around, wagging itself from time to time, most of which I seem to have little control over.

In fact, one time my tail even scared me. I was just sitting there, chewing my bone and being the good boy, when all of a sudden I noticed something was waving around next to me. But when I got up to bark it away, it wasn’t there. I must have spent time enough for a long walk by the time I realized that my tail had been waving at me.

Then again, I’ve seen some pups without a tail following them around. They don’t seem to notice that they don’t have one until they see mine. So it’s like having a pal just to myself. A personal little friend that does what it wants sometimes, but I can always count on it to be there.

So I guess I wouldn’t know what to do without it too. When I’m alone, I always know I’ve got someone tagging along with me.