Meet Nixi

Nixi is a relatively young pup owned by Brandon. Together, they live in a high-rise apartment and frequent the local park areas and sidewalk cafés for amusement.

Brandon operates his small business from a home office, freeing him up to enjoy Nixi’s company. When he’s not working, Brandon is playing with his companion, but does occasionally run errands or go out, leaving Nixi alone to keep herself entertained.


For the most part, Nixi’s favorite toy is her octopus. Though it may not be the original one, the fashion and functionality of this odd toy makes it great for an assortment of games. Coming a close second is her puzzle ball-in-ball, which always seems to confound her since it’s impossible to get that inner ball out no matter how much she shakes it or paws at it.


Going back a little, Nixi was a gift to Brandon when he moved to the city. His family knew he didn’t have any friends in the city, and adopting a dog would be a good way to make sure he would have a companion during the transition. His family took Brandon to the local shelter, and it was love at first sight.
This also means that Nixi doesn’t know what it’s like to live in a place where there isn’t frequent activity. The cars and traffic below offer sights and sounds to keep her entertained. Even the occasional pigeon that lands on the balcony can lead to an odd encounter with a curious pup. However, there is always something going on around their environment that keeps life interesting.



Fortunate and well mannered

At this point, Nixi is still a younger dog who was fortunate to be rescued very early in her life. Already potty trained for the outdoor environment and with the optional litter box in the washroom for emergencies, she is well-versed in what the rules of the home are and rarely dares to disobey them.

Because she is still far more interested in learning about the world around her, natural curiosity does tend to get her into a little bit of trouble on occasion, such as wandering out the door or barking at sounds heard through the walls. However, due to her smaller size, her fiercest bark sounds more like a yap, which doesn’t bother the neighbors as much, but does tend to be a distraction for Brandon when he’s working.

Together, these two friends enjoy spending time outdoors, getting fresh air and plenty of exercise. And with a team like that, they’re bound to meet some interesting new friends in the city they call home.


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