Dog Journal – Entry 126: The Thunder

dark-1836972_640I know we’re supposed to be protectors of the home and all that, but how can you protect your home from something you can’t see? Yeah, what will you do then? Most of the time, some good old fashioned barking will take care of the situation just fine, but there is a thing that is even more persistent than you.

Yes, it’s the thunder. That crazy old thunder that lurks somewhere beyond your line of sight. I don’t know what it looks like, but it sounds super mean.

So the best thing you can do is hide. That’s what I do. It works pretty well. I still haven’t been found by the thunder, though come to think of it, that’s probably why I haven’t ever found the thunder. It’s better that way though. Much safer.

So here are my favorite places to go:

Under the bed is the best. But if the covers are already all messed up, just hop on in and make a cave of comfy protection. Pupsonally, I really like making a little cave for myself, and the fluff really muffles all the noise that pesky thunder makes.

Also, behind the commode or under the sink, whichever you prefer, makes for a pretty decent spot. For some strange reason, even the thunder is afraid of getting a bath, so it should stay far far away from the bathroom.

What if you’re stuck outside? Run. Just run. Even if it’s in circles.

In the sofa. Yes, deep in the sofa with all the cushions around you. It’s even better if your pal is nearby. Just don’t let them make fun of you too much. You see, they may not admit it, but they’re scared of the thunder too.

Which does bring up probably the ideal place to go when the thunder is lurking…right into your pal’s lap. You see, you’re not just there for your safety, you’re there for their’s as well. Plus, this is probably the best time to get belly rubs and back massages as a bonus award.

So what’s your favorite place to go when the thunder rolls in on you unexpectedly? Give us some ideas please, maybe I’ll try one next time.