Dog Journal – Entry 127: Opportunity Strikes

sandwich-148023_640It’s hard to resist a good opportunity to snag a snack, even for the most well-behaved pup. But it’s part of being a dog I guess. I know I can’t help myself when I spot an unwatched sandwich or even a piece of pizza just left lying around unattended.

So I thought I’d just point out a few opportune moments when and where you can help yourself to an unscheduled snack.

Late at night is amongst my pup-sonal favorites. I guess it’s just because my buddy is just plain forgetful and leaves the leftovers on the table and such. My buddy leaves leftovers wherever he’s been sitting, so I just come up behind him after he’s gone to bed and clean up. And he rarely notices anything’s missing too, so everything’s cool in the end.

If you do get lucky and your pal left something out on the table, you just have to wait for them to go to sleep, then slip on into the kitchen and do the dishes for them. They may even be grateful that you did so.

One of the best opportunities is just when the lights are out. People can’t see very well in the dark, but you have your keen senses…so put them to use. Just putter around quietly and rely on your nose to find the food stashes where no one else can see you, except for maybe the cat.

You can also pull food right off the plate if you’re daring enough. You just have to be patient enough to wait for them to look away or get distracted by something. Luckily, distractions aren’t hard to come by these days. Just be sure to run and hide and chomp that food down as quick as you can. If your pal finds out, they’ll try to take it away from you, so you gotta make fast with the foods.

If you’re the impatient pup, you can also make your own opportunity by simply creating a distraction. Things like loud noises or even a fancy story too wild to ignore can get someone’s mind off their food. And people love it when you tell them stories, especially ones about

So what’s been the best opportunity you’ve ever had when it comes to snagging a snack? Was it because someone left it unattended…or did you have to try one of my tricks to get it?