Dog Journal – Entry 212: Spring Air

dog-2228595_640There’s a thing that I really enjoy, however it is not a thing I can see nor can I have it. It’s just a thing that hangs around from time to time, tickling my whiskers and fluffing my tail.

My friend tells me this thing is simply the wind. I like this thing, but it’s not always around and it doesn’t go everywhere. I’m pretty sure that when I’m outside, the wind comes from the trees sneezing because whenever my friend sneezes, I feel the wind. So I put two bones together and figured out it just makes sense.

So on windy days that bring in all the smells from everywhere, my nose gets to tell me of all the strange things I wouldn’t normally detect. I can smell the birds and the snippid sniffs of the leaves and flowers and critters that I’ve never seen before. I even smelled a stink bug one time, but it didn’t smell that great, so I can do without such incidents in the future.

Inside the cozy calmness of my home, there are rare places where the wind dwells. Sometimes it’s warm air from the vents, enough to make one snug, and other times it blows down from the big whooshers that spin on the ceiling.

The fan in the sofa room is actually one of the most entertaining things I’ve discovered. I don’t quite understand why this is so, but it is. Sometimes I like to sit on the sofa’s edge and face the fan so that the air can tickle my nose and buzz my ears. I really like that humming sound, so calm and soothing. I get the relax time and cool down too, especially when it gets hot outside.

The weirdest thing is that I can’t see these winds that blow things around. The only evidence is when the stuff moves around or I smell smells from somewhere far away or it whistles at me. Yes, this is the strangest part is that I can hear it whistle sometimes, especially when it’s blowing a stormy thunder thing my way. I don’t know if it’s whistling for me to pay attention or it’s telling me to get out the way. Either way, I know when it’s time to get inside to avoid any unfortunate bathtimes.

I really don’t know why such things interest me. Perhaps I’m just being bored sometimes and that get’s boring very quickly, especially when waiting for my friend to get home from work. But I can tell you this, if there’s anything to learn from this whole thing, it’s this: Do not lick the fan.