Dog Journal – Entry 215: Going to The Big Water

beach-1790049_640My friend has taken me on the trip. Normally, we’d just be going to the park, the same ball and a fine walkies through the park and such. But today, we had some extra stuffs, like a baggy, like a doggy baggy full of some cool toys and other things. I had no idea what we were doing, but as long as I’m tagging along, that will be just fine.

So being packed in a car for what feels like forever is totally boring. All I can do is sit down in the back and watch some of the stuff fly by outside. No sniffing, no stopping to check things out, and very little on the snack side of things. But my pal does like to make the singing, but when I sing along, he stops.

When we finally arrived at wherever it was that we were going, I realized that it was all worth the wait. The sand, all the sand! And so much  of it to run through. I had to make a mess out of it all. I did the digging and made the piles. Awesome stuff everywhere, and all the peoples too. Many peoples were all playing their own games already, some with balls, others doing the digging, while some just ran around chasing one another.

So much excite! One of the toys my friend brought for us to play with was a big bouncy ball. I couldn’t really nab it with my teeth, but bopping it around was so much more fun. All I had to do was smack it with my nose and it would go flying! Totally way cooler than my regular ball. And it would float in the air too, especially when the chilly wind blew a refreshing blast.

I didn’t really want to go near the water though. It was the big water, all splashy and splooshing at the edge of the sand. I couldn’t even see the other edge it was so big, and that scared me. While we played, I made sure to give the splashing waves plenty of room to do their thing far away from me.

So when my friend threw the ball and it flew into the splashing waters, I froze.  I looked at my friend and he looked at me. The standoff lasted for a few moments before my pal told me to go get it. I was mortified! All that water was sure to lap me up and leave me in the world’s biggest bath.

My pal finally caved when I refused to budge on this issue and he went and got the ball. It floated on the water, bouncing back and forth, sort of taunting me. But I wasn’t about to go rescue it. No way.

So I’ve decided that the beach is a good place for dogs to play. However, if you do not like the bathtime stuff and those big splashes, probably better not let your ball get thrown in the water because you aren’t getting it back very easily.