Dog Journal – Entry 216: Wrong Side of the Bed

sad-1930479_640I woke up this morning and things were not the way I would have preferred them to be. There were too many things going wrong with all the stuff right from the start. I even considered going right back to sleep and starting over, but even that didn’t really pan out.

First of all, when I woke up I found myself all alone. My friend was already doing things, but the breakfast time was already passed. Yes, I had slept through breakfast and was left to leftovers in my bowl. Even after I asked for seconds, what I got is all I got.

Then I found my ball. It was flat. What kind of ball goes flat on you? I tried tossing it around, but all it did was flop on the ground. Not very impressive. It didn’t take long for me to just toss it to the side and look for something more entertaining.

But there was nothing else to play with. All my toys had been put away, probably in my box. And that means I can’t play with them right now. Sure enough, there was the box on top of my toy box, and it was way too heavy to push off so I could get inside. Bummer.

When I went outside, the sun was not out. It was all the clouds with plenty of wind rushing around the yard, making things sort of dreary and not much fun at all. But at least there were some fresh scents in the cool air. At least that was the way it was at first. Just when I found a good spot to go potty, it started to rain. So I raced back to the door, but ended up tripping on the steps and splashing into a fresh puddle of water. By the time I made it back inside, my fur was cold and wet and sticky and my friend told me I was now stinky.

As it turns out, it just so happened to be time for a bath apparently. I definitely would have slept through today if I knew about this one. But there was no chance for such an escape. By the time I knew what was going to happen, I would have run. Not a chance though, and I ended up in the tub with soap in my eyes and up to my ears in water. No splashing either, so that’s no fun at all.

At least things ended on the good side of things. I got to lay on the sofa in a nice fluffy towel while my friend rubbed my back. So very relaxing, all quiet and such with a fresh feeling down to my paws, it was a good spot to end the day so hopefully I can wake up tomorrow and everything will be alright.