Dog Journal – Entry 208: Home Alone

sad-3700421_640I never liked being home alone. My friend leaves in the morning after the breakfast and then I have to find fun things to do all by myself. And one of the issues I’ve run into before is that not everything that is fun to do is permitted to do.

Yuppers, I have found that fun things like taking all the pillows and throwing them around the house is not permitted. Also, there is the whole not supposed to be up on the counter business, even though the cat does it. And then there’s the looting business with the trashcans and unrolling the toilet paper to clean up the messes I’ve made. It’s hard finding good boy things to do when my friend’s not around.

But I do try and stay within my parameters, even if it can be tough to resist some what I consider to be great ideas. I’ve found that racing back and forth in the hallway is pretty good exercise, even if it is by myself. And of course relocating all my toys to the middle of the room so I can see them all is pretty entertaining.

However, I’ve found that the most interesting stuff happens on a whim.  There’s the sounds that echo through the walls, some of which can be interesting. Others can be a little nerve racking, like the thunder and the storm stuff that happens occasionally.  Perhaps one of my favorite times was when I did have a nice discussion once with someone or something beyond the wall. I barked for a long time, telling and compelling them to come over and play, but no one ever did. It was still fun though.

An important note…you can get yourself into some tight spots when you’re all alone. One of the worst times I ever had while I was alone was when I got tangled up in a mess. Yes, I was all tangled up. It started out all fun and games with the long springy rope I found behind the sofa, you know, just dragging it around and feeling the whap of it smack things as I raced from room to room. It eventually caught up to me though, one to many rounds about the sofa, and I was stuck. Waiting was boring, but fortunately my pal was home early to free me.

This is probably why it’s so much better to have fun in pairs, to team up and find the fun stuff to do. And even if you do find yourself alone, I always know that it’s just temporary. And my pal should be back any moment…NOW!