Nixi Adventure – Bad Weather Rescue

cat-650770_640If Nixi had known how cold it was outside, she wouldn’t have been so quick to squeeze through the door. And it wasn’t like it was an easy thing to do. One has to struggle against all odds to manage such a feat. But she did it, and found out that it was indeed very cold outside.

So after racing around the feet of the the lady that had opened the door, Nixi quickly returned to the warmth of the lobby. Brandon was waiting, keeping Shuffles close to avoid any further escape attempts.

The lady shivered past Brandon, shaking off some of the freshly fallen snow. It was a rarity to have such a thing around here, and the cold had come as a surprise to many, including the pups. So in order to bundle up against the elements, Brandon had wrapped his pups in some old sweaters, and while they weren’t exactly the most stylish, they had some protection.

The warm air was enough to soothe Nixi’s whiskers a little bit, but it was only for the moment. The next stage was soon to be a battle, the pups and their pal were about to face the icy blast of the frigid outdoors. And when everyone was ready, or at least considered to be as ready as possible, the door was opened and everyone moved out.

The snow was piled up along the sidewalk, tough to walk on, but so full of wonderful smells that needed to be inspected. Shuffles was drawn to every single scent, wondering without concern for the cold.

Nixi was the exact opposite, already done with this outdoor business and ready to forgo the normal exercise routine. She tugged the others, trying to get back to the door, but her paws couldn’t get the traction needed to gain any headway.

Meanwhile, Shuffles was busy trying to take the hulking bundle of sweater off because it was stopping him from digging further into the snowbank. He was here to make a withdrawal, and there was plenty of good fluffy stuffs to kick out and discover.

“Hep?” Shuffles mumbled as he wrestled with his attire. He meant to ask for help, but it came out in a muffled “hep,” sound that could not be distinguished by anyone else.

Brandon was stuck in the middle, sort of just waiting for the pups to finish whatever they were doing so they could get moving. He’d underestimated the weather, thinking that with the sun out, things wouldn’t be that bad. But the snow was still hanging around, keeping things in the cooler for now.

However, he was not alone. There was another pair emerging from the door and into the cold and ready for a walk or perhaps find something entertaining to do besides being cooped up in their apartment all day. It was nice to stretch the legs, even if it was chilly outside. Fortunately, they too had come prepared, bundled up tight so that all you could see were a pair of eyes on the one and a nose and tail on the other.

Nixi was first to meet them, asking the lady to pick her up and give her hugs to warm up the paws. No worries about introductions, just a simple request for warmth. She was given an ear rub and a proper greeting, but no one got picked up. So Nixi turned to the bundled up pup and sniffed what could only be considered a nose and sniffed sniffed him a hello. The bundled up pup danced around and woofed from somewhere in the bundle before jumping into the snow pile that Shuffles had thrown their way.

The same type of conversation went on above between Brandon and the new arrival. It went something like this: Hhhhwvv haar duhhn turrah?. And the following: Hushd vihhn, shhar d kod ow hee.

The lack of comprehensive conversation made little difference to the pups who were currently all huddling around what Shuffles had found in the snow. Oh yes, he’d discovered something very interesting indeed. His nose had led him right to the source… A kitten in a box!?


Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories. Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky, Nixi, and Dante give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own adventures.