Rocky Adventure – The Doctor Is In

vet-4185908_640It hurt so bad! Oh, the pain was all over my leg, pinching it’s way past my tail and made my fur stand on end. I’d done the thing, the thing that has never been a good idea. I was just racing through the house, minding my own business when I tracked across the sofa room, when all of a sudden it happened. I caught my paw on something when I was making my sweet turn, and I felt the pop. And that’s why it hurts.

The old man had come to my rescue, arriving to the scene and demanding to know what had happened. I told him all the things and showed him my paws. After taking some time to examine them, he helped me up and took me to the sofa. Rather than the normal playful flop, I was set down gently and told he’d be right back.

I instantly began licking my paw, trying to make it feel better. It did, but only a little bit. It felt like it was pulsing, beating, as if to ensure that it had my complete attention. I licked with increasing fury, but the ouch did not subside in the least.

“It hurts so much!” I whined to the old man. He’d arrived with things, a whole lot of stuff of which I recognized none. I expected maybe a bone or something to take my mind off my paw, but that apparently was not the plan.

I was flopped back onto my back and my paw was nabbed away from my still smacking tongue. The old man’s fingers moved around until they found whatever it was that was hurting me and he poked it.

“OUCH!” I yelped, trying to take my paw back. “Don’t do that!”

But the old man held fast to my paw and began putting something on it. It was cold, and that seemed to just make things worse. I struggled and squirmed, however the old man had a serious case of determination and I was not going anywhere soon.

After the stinging cold had soaked in, there was another wrestling match and then the wrapper opened. I sat still. Very still. Perhaps it was time for a treat. I looked at the old man as he opened up a wrapper and removed a very fluffy looking thingy, sort of like a marshmallow or something. Sniffing provided no information, even when I was allowed to inspect it. A flavorless treat?

Nope. The old man took it away before I could even so much as lick it and began unrolling it around my paw. The throbbing was still there, but at least the sharp pinching pains had gone away now. The roll continued to work around my paw until it had completely covered everything. In fact, it was now a very nice little ball of fluff sticking off my leg instead of my paw.

Then we were done. At least that’s what I was told before being set back down on all four to continue on with the day.

Not so fast though. It felt weird to walk. My paw still ached, but the step was super fluffy. I hobbled and wobbled around, trying to find a decent way to walk. There wasn’t really any good way to go about this, so I got back on the sofa and got comfy instead.

The old man sat next to me, resting his hand on my head and scratching beneath my collar. He’s a pretty good doc, the operation was a little ruff…but at least the recovery room has a very nice upside to it.


Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories. Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky, Nixi, and Dante give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own adventures.