Dante Adventure – No, Not Even A Mouse

mouse-156611_640Behind the apartment door, pups sitting so calm and sound

Comfy on the sofa, so they sat around

Relaxing with their bestest pal in the warm glow of the tree


There were covers tossed about, fluffing up the scene

Though the pups cared not to keep them clean

Rolling and tumbling, sheddings of fur rubbed off like a mound.


“I hear something,” the fluffy one shouted,

annoying the other that had earlier pouted

Of how lonely all the presents did seem


Circling beneath the Christmas tree still covered up

by wrapping papers of which there was more than enough.

Oh how he whined that it was far too crowded.


But the young lady had denied the pups access

To the treasures hidden beneath the branches

Perhaps with some buttering up the pups wouldn’t have it so “ruff”


But what does one do about the sound beyond

That had caught Skipper between a bark and a yawn

Sort of sounding like someone asking for cheezy flavors


Oh, just a critter small and tiny who hid amongst the pantry’s shiny

cans full of food and stuffs, probably looking for cheeze puffs

The mouse could wait, patiently though,

long enough for the pups to go

somewhere else, not here that’s for sure…

Cheeze puffs were under attack, but the pups had the cure


“Safe in our bellies,” was the battle cry

Away from the mouse that was nigh

The thief of cheezy stuffs whose name was Shawn.


With broom in hand, Gracie swung the door open

And Shawn bounced out while the pups started flopping

Claws slid on the kitchen floor as they all tried to fly


Zig-zag in pattern, the mouse scuttled away

Zipping for the pile of presents, where he could stay

Hidden until morning he hoped was the tradition

Of the pups who were still amidst panic and collision


But the story can’t stop here, oh not even close

For once the group had mustered themselves they chose

Gracie with broom in hand to lead the way


Carefully they crept near to the tree

Hoping that with their number of three

The mouse was outmatched like all other foes


The team was unstoppable and they’d made it this far,

Charging forth with yips and barks and Gracie armoured with scarf

An early present from ma and papa who were not here to see

The wild chaos dancing around the christmas tree


Presents were batted here and there

The broom sweeping and doing it’s share

Of making a mess this one time a year.

Which was a nice change in career.


They never did find the mouse they’d sought

Just made a big mess out of all the gifts that they’d fought

So hard to keep safe, and now what a mess

Dressed the sofa room’s floor because of the pest


Up high in the tree, the tiny eyes did study

As the search went on but found nobody

He nibbled the decorations, a cheezy puff strung on the string,

And chuckled to himself,

No one will ever find where Shawn the mouse is hiding.



Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories. Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky, Nixi and Dante give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own adventures.

Dog Journal – Entry 149: Cold Paws

bernese-mountain-dog-1960169_640Being able to play outside is always taken for granted until the cold chills everything down. Yeah, the nippy air does tend to calm everything down a little bit, especially all the stick-chasing and tag games I have planned out at the park.

It’s not too bad when it’s just cold out, but my pal always plays stubborn when it’s time to go out. Which makes things a little harder on me because I have to convince her that it’s potty time to the extreme in some cases. Then I just deal with the frustration of finding out I lied at some latter time.

But there are times when it is just flat out too cold to play.The wind is howling and the ground is frosty and everything is covered in the snowy stuffs. And that is the best thing ever… but with a downside.

First of all, do not leave your toys out in the yard when it happens. It will get buried and it’s super hard to find it. But if you like digging for treasure, you can sometimes find some really neat stuff underneath. Just watch your nose and make sure you don’t get stuck on any stickers lurking beneath.

Probably the coolest thing I ever found under the snow was a huge bundle of sticks. It was the most awesome stick ever, all wrapped up together like a package deal, but it turned out to be a bush that was buried deep. Besides my pal telling me to stop and getting mad at me for tugging it up out of there, I couldn’t play anymore because my paws were beginning not to be my paws. It was like walking on a floor I couldn’t feel.

It turned out that your paws feel like they’re gone when it gets too cold. I think maybe they go to sleep or something. But that’s basically when I found out that it was time to get back inside and snuggle up in the sofa nice and warm.

And here is the other thing… you play outside when it’s super cold like that, and you don’t get to be on the bed or sofa. You get to be wrapped up in the towel! Which is sort of cool too, especially when you get rolled up like puppitto! This my favorite time. It’s like I’m in a forever snuggle mode until I’m all warmed back up.

I do enjoy the nice cool weather, but there are moments when things get a little ruff outdoors. But it can still turn out pretty awesome when you’ve got an awesome pal like mine that really knows how to keep a pup’s heart warm.

Nixi Adventure – Celebration Time

bow-3091223_640It was the day! Yeah! Shuffles and Nixi bounded around the room, dancing their favorite dances and barking at all the things. They’d both been up for the past hour, racing back and forth down the hallway, ready for the alarm to go off.

Brandon still snoozed, sleeping in on his day off. It was nice to take advantage of such a moment, but it was not allowed. The dogs were already bouncing around, hopping on the bed and tearing through the apartment. But he tried his best to sleep in, perhaps to the point where it felt like it was more work trying to sleep in than just getting up and getting on with the day.

With a stretch and a big yawn, Brandon emerged from under the bundle of covers and started the day. He slipped on his bunny slippers and chased the dogs out of the room and into the sofa room, where all the things were.

No time to waste, the boxes must be opened. First was Shuffles, he was the least patient of the pair, so he must be appeased. Or at least it would calm him down a little bit. So a box was placed in front of him, but it wasn’t enough.

Shuffles sniffed the box, Nixi sniffed the box, and even Brandon sniffed the box, but not because he was wondering what it was, he just really liked the smell of wrapping paper. Some old childhood memories popped into his mind and he smiled.

After a pause for the paws to stop dancing around, Brandon told Shuffles to get it. This turned out to be quite the show, perhaps even more fun for the others than for the pup. Within moments, the box was in a struggle for it’s very shape and form, rolling around as it tried to escape the iron jaws of the fuzzy bunny bouncing dog.

Before Shuffles could open his present, Nixi started working on hers, showing off her professional skills as the paper was tossed clear of the thing hidden within. Soon after, the new bed was revealed, and Nixi scratched it a few times before settling in the soft cushion.

Shuffles destroyed the box and completely forgot about the toy that was inside. The box turned out to be way too much fun. Even when Brandon threw the ball across the room, Shuffles continued to shake the box around, enjoying the sound of victory as the paper fluttered around.

There were other presents still under the tree, but for now, the pups were pleased with their newfound gifts. Nixi napped, now comfy in her new bed where she could catch up on all the sleep she’d forgotten about earlier. Shuffles played with the box, rolling it over so he could use it for a hiding spot. Brandon yawned and went to make himself a cup of coffee. It was still early, and they’d have to wait for the sun to wake up as well to see what was in-store for them today.


Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories. Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky, Nixi and Dante give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own adventures.

Dog Journal – Entry 148: Hats Off

list-2828012_640I noticed something the other day, and it was a terrible thing to see. My friend did a thing while he was getting all bundled up to go outside, and he put the thing on his head. Now, I don’t like the thing at all, but it just looks so frightening when he has it on his head. It… it comes alive and bobbles everywhere. And I know, deep down I know, that it is watching me.

So I thought about a few other things around the house that should not be there and added that thing to my list. Pretty much, my list goes like this:

1-The thing in the closet.
2-That thing with the spots that sits on top of the fridge.
42-The springy thingy behind the door.
5-The box that used to sit next to the door because it wasn’t there before but now it’s gone.
5 1/2- That same box is now next to the bed and it won’t leave.
C-The thing that my buddy puts on his head.
8-Things that I do not like other than these things.

It’s not really a long list, but these happen to be the things that I can’t figure out what they are, and I am compelled to bark at them until they go away. Or at least until I stop looking at them or forget about them.

The first thing I always do when I spot one of these things is to alert anyone and everyone including my pal. See, usually he’s quick about getting rid of whatever shouldn’t be there, except for the things on the list. But we’re still working on the doors. Soon though, soon.

Earlier, I spent a while trying to convince my pal to get out from under the thing on his head. I don’t know, what if it’s trying to eat his brains. I think you need those to do things, like remember to pick up food and treats and where the park is. Maybe that’s why he always gets lost though. Might explain a few other things too.

He did get the thing off his head, but it was still laying around, perhaps waiting to do more things. But conveniently, he left it unprotected on the sofa. Oh yes, like other things that have come up missing in times past, the thing also disappeared without a trace.

I’m to scaredy dog. I worked it well and held my own, and by the end, the thing was more scared of me than I am of the vacuum. So it’s gone now. After a good woop’n, I stuffed it under the sofa with the other things that don’t belong around here.

What! Wouldn’t you guess it. My pal just showed up early from work… and he’s got another one of those things on his head again! Seriously, what am I gonna do with this guy?

Rocky Adventure – Middle of Nowhere

winter-2894499_640There was no way we were going to fit in the car. The old man had packed it up pretty well, lots of things and stuffs that I don’t even think we need. I had my bone and my pillow, so I was good to go, but the old man must have brought two of everything or something. I’m pretty sure he’d bring two of me if there were two of me.

We were taking a trip to somewhere else. I guess it’s cool to get away sometimes, but that also means my yard may get infiltrated by birds and squirrels and cat and all manner of critter that could happen upon any one of my treasure stashes. Luckily, Buck told me he’d keep an ear on things just in case. So I feel a little better about it.

After some scooting around, we managed to pack in and were rolling down the road with me in the navigator’s seat. This is where I sit. My spot. Just in case the old man get’s lost, I know exactly which trees will lead us back home.

But we didn’t go far before we stopped. And then it occurred to me… there was still room for more. Debbie and Izzy were waiting for us with some of their stuff too. At least Izzy remembered to bring the ball. I forgot mine at home.

Now both Izzy and I were in the back seat with the stuff and Debbie was navigating. I sure hope she studied her trees so we don’t get lost. I think we’ll be alright though, both Izzy and I are well versed in tracking and good dog skills.

The trip wasn’t too long, and there were exactly one bajillion trees between home and here (Izzy and I agreed on that calculation), but apparently we got lost anyway. We were in the place with all the trees and there was no kitchen at all out here. Just a bunch of the bushes and some rocks and tons of trees. Of course, Izzy was totally excited, but was probably going to wear himself out racing from tree to tree that fast.

It was a little cold out here for my flavor, but after unpacking the car and scooting into the cabin, we were all warmed up and ready to explore. At least I was. The old man and Debbie were busy organizing things inside, but Izzy and I were ready to check out all the rest of the things outside.

But nope, we were not going outside alone. We told them we’d stick together so no one would be alone, but they didn’t see it like we did. So we were stuck inside, and there really wasn’t much to explore. There was one room and we were in it.

The old man made a fire to warm things up while Izzy and I investigated the room. There was a sofa and some seats, a table, a place for making food stuffs perhaps, and then there was the door that blended right in with the wall…

“What do you think it leads to?” Izzy whispered to me as we sniffed around it.

It was definitely a door, you could smell tracks through it, but no one had opened it. Maybe the others didn’t even know it was there.

“I don’t know, it won’t budge,” I woofed, trying to wedge myself under the door.

“Probably lots of secret treasures,” Izzy barked, looking back at the others.

We finally managed to get the attention of our friends with their thumbs so they could help figure out how to open the door. We definitely needed to find out what was in there. Who knows what cool things might be stashed away beyond. What a find! This was going to be such an awesome adventure! To find a secret hidden away so far in the deepest trees and bushes where no dog had ever ventured before!

The old man studied the door for a moment, then eyed us before working the lever. One day I’ll figure out how to do that myself, but today was not that day. Still need to grow up a little more.

The door swung open and… What! All this way out in the middle of all the trees and bushes and bunnies and fresh air, and they have this thing here. Yup. We came all the way out here and guess what! There’s a bathtub and things for washing.

“Perhaps we should close the door… ” I ruffed to the others, “and pretend like we didn’t see anything.”


Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories. Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky, Nixi and Dante give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own adventures.

Dog Journal – Entry 147: The Party

new-years-day-1090770_640Sometimes my pal likes to invite lots of friends over to play and do the things and eat the food stuffs. This is all really cool, especially since you get to meet all your friends at the door and show off some of your latest toys. Maybe some of them even want to play with you!

Yeah! So much awesome… but they’re not always visiting just to hang out with you.

It’s tough to be ignored like that, but you’ve still got your chewy bone to chomp on… or so you think. You see, there’s more here than just a room full of sneakers playing people games and snacking and such.

Yuppers, now they’re in all your stuff! What! What’s a dog to do? Deep down, I get this crazy feeling that they’re not just here to do their own thing. What if they’re here to find out what you’ve been hiding…

Keeping them away from your food stashes is a must. Usually, I go right to showing them how cool my ball-in-ball is and smacking it around on the floor a few times. This is primarily a distraction, but I’ve gotten some of the visitors to play along a few times.

What if someone is hanging out too close to your pal? Nope, that’s your pal. Don’t let anyone near them. If you’re extra fluffy, use it all to make a blockade and just get in the way. If there’s one treasure you don’t want getting stolen, it’s your bestest friend.

I remember this one time when my good buddy had the friends over and they were pretty boring altogether, but I thought that they were sitting way to close together… even the cat agreed with me. So I got up on the sofa and wedged myself in between so we were all face to face. Then I totally burped after a whole bowl of food. No one wanted to sit near me for the rest of the night. Lesson to remember, use all the gifts you got.

When the house is finally all quiet again and all the visitors are gone, you can finally relax. So many times I’ve found myself thinking about all the close calls to having my secret stashes discovered, but so many times I’ve been able to relax with the assurance that my treasures are still safe. And all the quiet is nice at first, but then you start to sort of miss the excitement. Visitors can be so stressful sometimes.

Nixi Adventure – Helping Paw

dog-2383071_640The tree was so cool, all the sparkly and shiny glow that filled the sofa room. It wasn’t easy putting it there, but Brandon had managed after a lot of scooting and wrestling with furniture. Not to mention the paws of the pups as they constantly made it their duty to get right in the way at the perfect moment, simply to ask him, “Watcha doin?”

But it was all done now, and Brandon sat on the sofa relaxing and enjoying the handy work and the awesome glow that filled the room. The pups had also settled down and were presently taking advantage of the relaxed state of things, both demanding snuggles.

The relaxing went on for a while, with tidbits of competing for the most snuggles only briefly interrupting things, but for the most part, things were nice and cozy amongst the friends. That is until there was a tap tapping on the front door.

“Who could it be, so late, let’s see…” Brandon said his pups.

The three walked to the door, wondering who could be up for a visit this late at night. It couldn’t be friends over for a playdate, but Nixi and Shuffles were optimistic.

After Brandon had peeked through the door, it swung open, revealing the neighbor. The little old lady needed help, and the pups were up for the job. They right on the spot with their licks and wiggles, keeping her entertained and bringing a smile to her face.

While the pups kept the old lady happy and cheerful, Brandon wrestled the oversized tree down the hallway. It was a fight to get it to move, every branch clinging to the walls and grabbing hold of anything it could.

After a battle down the hall and through the door, at last the tree was in the apartment, taking up way too much space. Once again, Brandon was scooting the sofa and the table, tugging the tree along with him. After a few things were knocked over and inspected by the pups, the tree was finally put in it’s place.

But that wasn’t the end of things. No, the old lady couldn’t even come close to reaching the top of the tree, and she wanted the lights up on the tree… Oh, and the ornaments too. And then some other decorations.

So Brandon started decorating the tree, and of course, the pups had to help, so they made sure to be wherever he was about to step, making him do a funny dance as he placed the shiny balls on the branches.

Eventually, the tree was up and alight, shining bright in the old lady’s apartment. The pups stood near, admiring the work they’d helped with. Oh yes, they’d had a paw in the ordeal, a very important place in the team. Had it not been for them, who knows if things would have turned out as awesome.

Now, it was time for a treat. And the old lady had the most awesome treats ever… enough for the pups and Brandon too… even though he was only in charge of the easy part!


Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories. Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky, Nixi and Dante give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own adventures.

Dog Journal – Entry 146: Feeling Not So Good

dog-portrait-1717848_640Every now and then, I find something to eat that just doesn’t sit that well with my tummy. I know, I know, it was well worth it when the eating was good, but the aftermath always leaves me regretting. That’s mostly because it’s just so hard to eat after, so you miss out on all the yummy stuffs. So when I come to the crossroads, I gotta weigh everything. The good, the bad, and the ‘saalright.

What’s the good? Is it worth it? I don’t know, but it smells so good. Totally irresistible. Seriously, what kind of dog would you be if you could stop yourself from eating it? But is it really that good? If it is, you should probably eat it.

There are those moments when you do find an old treat you hid a while back, and it still smells pretty good, but you can’t even remember when you actually put it there. I always do the lick test…and if it doesn’t attack me, I go ahead and nom on it. Most times everything turns out pretty good, and I get a bonus treat that day.

What about a rare chance to eat something like this? During certain times of the year, your pal makes special foods that are so rare that just a taste of them lasts until the next. If you get one of these rare opportunities, I’d take it, even if it did have carrots in it.

But there’s often consequences that go along with such a tasty treat. The number one question I have to ask myself is: What happens if you won’t be able to eat later? Seriously, this has to be the worst part about a belly ache.

And then if you do get sick, your pal is always trying to make you eat some plain bland rice that is just so boring. Have you ever eaten just plain bland rice? You can’t even feel yourself eating it. Pretty much like eating water. In fact, it might be…my pal has been tricking me the whole time.

Aside from that, sometimes, if you keep being stick and your tummy refuses to stop it, then you get to take a trip to the doc’s office where you gotta deal with all the other whiny dogs and the cold floors. And there’s always that one cat there that just stares at you like everything is your fault.

But this one time, my tummy was giving me fits because I ate way to many treats all at once, and I did get the most awesome thing ever and my tummy did feel better too. Yes, it was the super secret yogurt stuffs. So good. This was one of those ‘saalright moments, where I got the good, dealt with the bad, and ended up on top of it all. The bad thing…I don’t get to have yogurt stuffs all the time. Maybe if I just pretend to be sick…

But then again, there’s always that chance that I end up going straight to the doc’s office again.

Rocky Adventure – Give or Take

christmas-dinner-2428029_640There was something I was missing here. We had the whole crew all together now, and yet someone was knocking on our door. The only thing I could think of was that this mysterious individual was lurking about for our delicious food stuffs. I was sure the scent had floated throughout the neighborhood, and it was doubtless that somebody had picked up the trail and now they were here.

I barked. Then the rest of us barked. It was loud and it only got louder as we stormed up to the door. Of course, our peoples had a difficult time navigating the crowd, so it took a while to get the door open. Not to mention the herding that took place before the door could be opened.

We sat away from the door, tagged by hands that held our collars in place while the door swung open, revealing the potential turkey snatcher. And we looked and beheld the peoples that stood there in the open doorway.

“Who you is and why do you want our food?” Buck bellowed right before another barking spree.

Shortly after we stopped barking, more precisely we were stopped from barking, the peoples entered through the door bringing bowls of something. Food? Perhaps… or were they planning on filling the bowls with food here and then making off like bandits? We were suspicious already.

The people went into the kitchen beyond the gate and there was much more chatter than before. People chatter a lot, some of the funniest sounds you’ll ever here and I still don’t understand most of what they’re saying besides dinner time and bathtime. So we remained suspicious of these mysterious people and what they were plotting.

“Do you think they’re here for the turkey or what?” Izzy whispered to me, scratching at his fluffy mane.

“Too early to tell,” I whispered back, eyeing the newcomers carefully.

“They keep checking out all my food!” Buck barked, upsetting the calm.

This started another barking frenzy which lasted for a few moments. Then it was quiet again as we watched the people do things in the kitchen area. More food was ready to be brought to us, but it landed on the table as well… right next to the bowls. It was getting close to the danger zone, and I was looking for any reason to ban these peoples from our feasting if they were just here to snag food and run.

I watched so very carefully as the food was shuffled around, making sure to keep my eye on everything. The other eye watched the people, but then I got dizzy and stuck to just the food on the table.

Then the bowls moved, and I was on high alert. I watched so very carefully as the bowl was opened and a hand reached down into it. The waiting was so annoying, and I was far from being patient, but the bowl demanded all my attention.

The rolls were removed from the bowl, lifted amongst the warm steam that floated it’s delicious scent over towards us.

“Excellent!” Izzy barked.

“Bring ’em here!” Buck bellowed.

“The vote’s in!” I woofed.

“They can totally stay anytime they want!” we all barked together.


Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories. Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky, Nixi and Dante give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own adventures.

Dog Journal – Entry 145: New Roommate

dog-1987858_640Have you ever had your pal arrive home with more than just groceries? Yeah, I’ve had visitors over if that’s what you’re thinking about, but this is much more, shall we woof… permanent? The nice thing about somebody just visiting is that they pass out treats and belly rubs and like to play a lot… but then there’s the new roomate.

The first thing I noticed that my new roomy was doing was she was always trying to eat my food. All the time. Two bowls of food… the one I want is the one she scoots right into my space and starts nomming on all my foods.

And just to add to the space-stealing predicament, you always find them in your favorite napping spots too. It’s like wherever you want to be, there they are. The last spot I have is up on the bed, and she’s still trying to get up here with me. So while I’m trying to nap, all I hear is a bouncing puppy that yips until I get up and move somewhere else… and then she follows.

And it’s not like she just wants all your attention… she wants ALL of the attention. If I start getting a belly rub from my pal, then she wants one too. And waiting is just out of the question, which brings us right back to occupying all the space I’m presently taking up.

Then, she won’t leave you alone when you’re trying to do something important. So all my time and space is occupied by a puppy. I even found her nuzzling her way into my bath too! And it’s not like I wanted it in the first place, but seriously? Wanting a bath just because I have to take a bath? I’d have given it to her, but then I’m sure she wouldn’t have wanted it and I’d have been stuck with double dunkings.

All this got really annoying really fast, but trying to scare my new roomate off didn’t even come close to working. Yup. You bark at ’em just a little bit and they’ll tell on you like you’re just a big meany, and then you get in trouble.

So what can you do in this type of situation? Well, you just gotta deal with it until your roommate grows up. And if you’re a really good boy… that might be the end of the nonsense. But it’s not very likely. Just be prepared to share everything… forever.