Dog Journal – Entry 182: Splash Down

dog-3545004_640There’s a game I like to play at the park, well, one particular game in fact. I like a lot of games, but this one is pretty cool, and it’s just me and my pal. And we’ve got a pool. It’s a little one, just big enough for me to make the splash.

I discovered this game recently when we were out playing in the park. There was a pool full of water, and I saw a small pup racing around super fast, just faster and faster, and then splash! Right into the pool that little rascal went and made water go everywhere.

Well of course, I just had to see what this was like. It almost might seem like it’s a bath, but it’s not, and that’s because you get to make the splashes and no one gets mad and there’s no soap either. Therefore, it is not the same, and you can have all the fun you want under the sun.

So I just had to try it. I like to run, so I had that covered, but come to find out, you gotta have the right timing for the splash too. Needless to yelp, I did a flip into the pool the first time because my paws decided to slip out from under me and I tripped over the edge of the pool and landed in nose first. It was still fun though.

The next lap I took was a really good one, my friend cheering me on as I raced across the grass. But still, those paws of mine were not in time with my floppy ears and I did a nice roll into the pool. It must have looked good, I know because I was there and my friend was clapping and laughing like I did the good thing.

But it was not good enough. I wanted to have the nice splash I had seen the other pupper do earlier. So smooth and fantastically accurate timing. I knew what I had to do. I was going to run and run and then jump before I got to the pool. Yes, that’s it, why wait until the last moment when I could speed things up a little.

After I shook off the water, I took off across the grass and made a lap. Then another lap until my speed was just right. Then before I made it to the pool, I jumped. I could feel my ears flapping in the wind, my whiskers were telling me I was flying, and such a wonderful feeling it was indeed. And then SPLASH!. I did it, I slid around in the pool for a perfect landing, wiggling around to cool down after a grand success. Very nice.

I did many more of these splashes until I was too tired to go on. It made for a great day at the park though, such a fun game. So simple, and yet so much fun. Maybe it’s not for all dogs, I know I’ve met a few that didn’t like to get wet at all, and it’s sure not for the cat. But it’s for me, and my pal thinks it’s great too. But I can’t help but wonder if there are other games like this, perhaps I’ll spot a some next time I’m at the park.

Nixi Adventure – New Park

bench-1534205_640Brandon had never been to this particular park before. It was a very nice one indeed, with many trees to give shade and green grass to roll around on, along with people and ducks and dogs alike. There were all the things here, and the pups were most excite about the new playplace.

They wandered around, searching and exploring the area. Nixi tugged along one direction while Shuffles tugged another. Brandon simply kept the pace, holding tight to the leashes so no one would wander off.

Eventually, they settled down in a spot to play. The picnic table sat under a big pecan tree, now being covered in supplies and toys. There were some snacks and such as well, but those were planned for later. In the meantime, the pups were set at liberty to wander around and explore as long as they stayed close.

This was a good idea, however the pups were bound to wander further at some point. This was eventual, but not yet. The bushes and the table and all the bugs and other neat things must first be inspected and tested for playability. And you never know, many bugs have been found to be super entertaining, at least that’s Shuffle’s pupsonal opinion. And he’s a dog, so he should know best.

After Brandon had laid out all the things, it was playtime, and the ball launcher was brought out. It was such a cool toy, but not for use in the apartment (the tests had proved fatal for the pictures on the wall and the clock that used to sit on the counter.) Now that they were out in the open though, it was the perfect chance to test things out and really see what fun could be done.

The first ball was bounced across the grass, easy enough for the pups to chase and catch without much of a challenge. Nixi brought it back, triumphant in her efforts, while Shuffles shuffled up behind her, still trying to snag the ball away.

Brandon got the ball back after a light wrestle, and then launched it again. This time the aim was higher, much higher. In fact, it might have been a little too high, and to the right as well. The ball sailed off toward a tree, bounced off and landed somewhere in the bushes.

Before anything could be done to stop the pups from running so far to fetch, the race had gotten away from Brandon and the pups were gone.

Nixi sniffed around the bushes, looking for the ball. It had most surely landed here somewhere. Shuffles had a pinecone, chewing it to make sure it didn’t squeak.

“I fou’d da bah,” Shuffles mumbled between chews.

“No you didn’t,” Nixi ruffed and sniffed through the bush some more. “It’s over here somewhere.”

“QUACK!” squealed the duck as it flapped out of it’s nest and dashed through the bushes.

“The duck has got it!” Nixi barked and gave chase.

The pair of pups rushed towards the spot where the duck had flapped through and they too bounced through. But they didn’t land where they wanted. Apparently, it was time to go for a spontaneous swim at the park. They splashed around, trying to figure out where they’d gone wrong, while the duck floated away, still quacking to her friends about how much she liked the other park up north far better.

Brandon stood on the shore, calling the pups to him. He wasn’t about to get wet. At least not in this pond. Not really in the mood for a swim, but he had found the ball. It floated along the edge of the pond, just within reach.

But he was too late to win this one. A turtle popped up out of the water and spooked the man silly, so silly in fact that he lost his balance. And they all went for a swim. It was a nice day for the friends indeed.


Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories. Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky, Nixi, and Dante give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own adventures.

Dog Journal – Entry 181: Smiles

dog-1558962_640If there’s one thing I’m super good at, no wait, super duper great at, it’s cheering up my friend. I do have a lot of jobs around the home, like vacuuming food spills, barking at things that shouldn’t be there, and otherwise keeping things fairly disorganized just to make things interesting, but my most important job perhaps is just being around when my friend needs a hug.

So I look for the important signs that she needs a hug or something. Usually if I do a thing and my friend watches me, she’ll feel better, as long as it’s not using the rug for a toilet again. Probably the most common thing someone will do when they need a hug is call you. Pretty simple, and a good tailwag and a wetnose will suffice. But that’s easily taken care of because it’s easy to detect. It’s those curve balls that can sneak past you.

Then there’s the one where your pal is just frustrated with all the things. This takes special care and you gotta be quick to cheer them up because if you start getting in the way, you might be the one they’re frustrated with. In my case, usually if she’s huffing around and sort of acting like me when I can’t find the ball, be quick to help them find the thing. I know that whenever I find what I’m looking for, I always feel better. I just start bringing her stuff until whatever it was gets found or forgotten.

Now if you don’t really know what to do, but you suspect something is up, and being a dog you’re probably pretty good at this sort of thing, doing something is better than nothing. If you find yourself stuck in this type of situation, the dance is probably the best cheer’em up move you can do in just about any situation. My dance is probably different than yours, but it’s special to your friend. I’ve never not gotten a big grin when I do this, so if it works for me, I bet it’ll work for you.

But perhaps the most urgent of all emergencies is the crying and pouting which is a definite sign I got to do something right now. Whenever I see this even begin to start, I know my friend needs a hug. And I’m quick to do so. Frankly, I’m confident my hugs are the best too, because they always do the trick.

The conclusion of the matter is that when your friend needs a hug or a furry head to pet, you’ve got what it takes to cheer them right back up. And I don’t know about you pups out there, but simply putting a smile on my friend’s face is as good as my favorite treat.

Rocky Adventure – Remembering

silhouette-3631237_640I sat on my pillow very peacefully. The house was quiet today. The old man had probably gone to do the shopping stuff for the food things, so I was just hanging around in the cool house and relaxing. Very nice, very comfy.

It was a good time to think. I do this sometimes, though it can be a dangerous pastime some have reported. So I let my mind wander around, remembering some of the great things that I’ve done with my friend. Sometimes it helps to make plans for later, you know, come up with good ideas and games.

I thought about the time when we got stuck out in the rain. Super big storm happened upon us while we were at the park, and there was no escape from the wild torrents of water coming down upon us. We ran and ran, looking for some shelter, but the rain was coming at us from the side, so the trees weren’t able to cover us. Eventually, we were trudging through the highwaters and mud, so the old man scooped me up and was rushing me like a football down the field and toward the car. That was a fine day indeed.

And then there was the time I went total spaz. Oh yes, I got into the sugar. It was all the old man’s fault though, he left the pantry door open and I just happened to wander in there. It smells so sweet and warm in there, all sorts of flavors to choose from, even though I never get a taste. Until one day, I was in there and the old man closed the door on me. In a panic, I tried to rush back out, only to knock over a bag of so much sweetness. Just a taste, a little taste. And by the time I was released back into the kitchen, I had enough energy to fly across grassy fields and leap over the highest tabletops. I don’t remember much after that, but I think I slept for like two days after. I’d do it again if I got the chance.

Then there was the time where we went on a nice trip together. I had no idea where we were going, but the trip had been really fun. I got to look out the window and see all the cool things out there. I remember the huge water pond that we drove across because it was like we were just flying over the water really fast. So then the next time I found a puddle, I tried racing across it, but I got soaked. I guess I need the old man with me to pull that sort of stunt successfully.

Probably one of my favorite moments was when I first got here. It seems like so long ago, but I ‘members. The old man’s family had picked me out of all the other dogs there were to be their friend. And I was most happy, but little did I know that they’d chosen me to do a thing. A very important thing. I was going to be the old man’s buddy. It was a special mission, I had been told, for a special puppers. That’s why I’m here. The old man and I met, and we’ve been bestest friends ever since. I’ve been so far successful in my accomplishment of such a task, but there’s still more.

And now onto the next one. I can hear the keys jingling somewhere beyond the door that tell me my friend has returned. I has the job to do, and I’m a good boy, so I do it right well. Better than any other pup out there in my pupsonal opinion. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.


Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories. Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky, Nixi, and Dante give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own adventures.

Dog Journal – Entry 180: Got The Itches

dog-3556031_640Sometimes the itch gets a hold of me and I have to scratch it out. Yeah, I really get carried away too, scratching and spazzing and nibbling and otherwise just making a scene. This can get really annoying, but it does happen and often at the most inconvenient moments.

I’ve noticed that the itch suddenly happens when I get nervous. My friend has visitors over occasionally, and it’s like a scratching frenzy of fur when the first arrive. Don’t really know why, perhaps it’s just the spaz in me, and it does get a lot of initial attention as well.

Since it does get some attention, I’ll sometimes use it to my advantage when I have to go to the potty. Just scratch circles around my friend and he gets the idea. Plus, I’m leaving tufts of fur on the carpet, which is almost a guarantee to get taken outside.

Of course, there are times when I’m just plain itchy. And the great thing about having a friend is that they can scratch some of those hard to reach places. Need your belly to be rubbed and checked? Yeah, just fake a scratch and your friend will be all over you checking you for the itches. But if you do it too much, you’ll get the bath, so don’t get all crazy with it.

Every now and then, your friend gets the sweet spot when they scratch your itches. For me, it’s that spot right under my arm and to the left always, and it always makes me kick my leg like a goofball. I don’t know why it feels so good to get that spot scratched, but it feels so good.

But my friend isn’t always around, and there are those emergency scratches. So when they’re not around, I have to resort to wiggling around on the carpet like a worm. This is especially effective for those itches on the back. And I prefer the kitchen rug because it’s nice and rough.

And then there’s the emergencies, like when something jumped up and bit me. I have no idea what it was because I was just minding my own business digging in the uhm… never mind where i was digging, all that matters is that something bit me. And it got itchy really fast. And scratching didn’t really make it better. Luckily, my friend had something that made the itches calm down, so scratching isn’t always the answer.

The itches are super annoying, but all one has to do is scratch. What you get that itch with is up to you, just don’t get busted scratching all the time or you’ll never get out of the bathtub!

Dante Adventure – Just the Two of Us

dog-947826_640It was just Gracie and me today. We had the whole day to ourselves. Yes indeed, and it made me very happy for it to be so. It should be like this more often if you ask me. And now it was very quiet and relaxed, just me and my friend.

This was all because Skipper was in the trouble. Deep, deep in the trouble. He’d done all the things he wasn’t supposed to do, up to and including snatching the freshly made sandwich off the table and then when he was busted, refusing to stop eating it. It was a big stubborn mess.

So after Gracie had wrestled the remains of the sandwich, she’d taken that very disobedient rascal into the bedroom and closed him in all by his lonesome. Though he whined and whimpered and scratched at the door, he was in there until he calmed down and stopped throwing tantrums.

I was being a good boy though, so right now I was the favored. Indeed I was the favorite. We rested on the sofa together while Gracie relaxed, rubbing my belly and tickling my whiskers. It had been a wild morning, so this break was much needed. It had also been a while since I got to enjoy some time without Skipper bouncing on top of me and trying to hog all the attention.

After a while, we decided to do other things. So I went and got Gracie her slippers and dropped them on the floor. I was just being nice. It was an old trick I remembered from when I was but a puppy, but old dogs remember old tricks. And that sure got me a swell pat on the head and my ears rubbed.

We went into the kitchen where Gracie began preparing some snacks to be eaten. I do believe this was her planned day away from the school and work stuffs, and just taking it easy had been the primary plan all along. I deduced this very obvious bit of knowledge when I realized she had not left for work and the keys were nowhere close to the door. Also, she is wearing the slippers.

So the food was made and it smelled very nice. There was no panic attack from a fuzzy worm that rushed in to beg for half. It was just us two. And I didn’t even beg for anything, I just sat on top of her slippers and waited patiently like the good boy I am. Yes, I am the good boy.

After the lunch, we went outside for a walk. Just a short one, but just the two of us. I didn’t really sniff around or anything, just walking with my friend. Getting a little exercise on a nice cloudy day. It even sprinkled a little bit, just enough to make everything smell nice.

We returned home shortly after the sprinkles fell and stopped. It was still quiet and peaceful, and I’m pretty sure Skipper had finally barked himself into a deep slumber, so we played fetch for a little while in the sofa room. Gracie sat on the sofa and would roll the fluffy ball across the floor while I retrieved it.

This fun went on for a while until Gracie fell asleep. Just a nap, but I joined in just to see if we could continue to play in the same dream. It wasn’t until I awoke to the sound of Gracie stretching to get up that I realized that I’d only dreamed of sunshine rays and grassy parks.

Those thoughts drifted off into somewhere else as we made our way down the hall toward the door. Apparently it was time to end the quiet. Gracie opened the door and let the Skipper out. He was not happy, but at least he wasn’t all wound up either. Just grumpy I guess.

“So what’d you do all day,” Skipper asked gruffly as he shuffled out into the hall with us.

“The same thing we’ll do tomorrow if you don’t settle down next time,” I grinned.


Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories. Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky, Nixi, and Dante give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own adventures.

Dog Journal – Entry 179: Hobbies

adorable-1851108_640I’ve watched the cat for years. He’s always climbing up on stuff and hanging out. Just hanging out up there. Seems so strange, but I had always wondered if it was fun. Turns out that it isn’t actually fun, but it makes you feel really cool. I don’t know why, but to every spot there is a unique experience.

The first thing I ever climbed up and stood on was the sofa. I’m pretty sure every dog has had this moment of triumph, especially if you’re not supposed to be up there, but it was really neat. I could see all the things in the room, but then I saw places even higher and realized this wasn’t enough.

So the next mission was to get on the chair.  But then I realized the table is a better spot so I hopped on up a little higher. And then I got caught. Tables are the no-go zone now, at least when everyone is home.

I moved on to other things, like trying to get up on the counter. This turned out to be quite the acrobatic feat, bouncing from one thing to the other. After a few tries and only rocking the flower vase (it didn’t fall over), I managed to almost get there. Yes, I was right there, and then the cat meowed right above me and I fell back down to the ground. Someday I’ll try again, but not for a while. Not until the cat stops bringing that whole ordeal back up.

Other things you might not think of standing and perching upon actually include other dogs. I’m not very big (got a big heart though), so this is actually really fun and easy. Well, it’s easy so long as the other dog doesn’t start moving or anything. It’s pretty cool, I sort of get a view of what it’s like to be on top of things. Ready to bark and lead the way.

I did try standing on the cat once, more like sitting, but he didn’t go for that. Turns out five of their six ends are really sharp and pointy. So don’t stand on cats. Lesson learned so you don’t have to find out for yourself.

There’s tons of stuff at the parks to do things like this, like trees and bushes and the tunnel. But I noticed that if you try standing on the bush, you fall through everytime. I don’t know how or maybe someone out there can let me in on the secret of how to do such things. I know I’ve seen the birds do it, so it’s gotta be possible…right?

I’m not gonna say I’m an expert at standing on things, but it is a fun hobby of mine. My pal doesn’t really approve of it, especially when I stand on top of her to wake her up in the mornings.

So do you pups out there have any hobbies? And if you consider yourself a pupfessional, can you teach another dog some new tricks?

Nixi Adventure – While You Were Gone…

animal-20574_640Shuffles raced around the room, chasing nothing at all. He’d been doing this nonstop for at least twenty minutes. It was probably the sugary donut he had nabbed from off the table. He’d been quick about it, and none of the other pups nor the sitter had even noticed, but the after effects proved the culprit.

The reason why no one noticed the nabbing was because Nixi and Jewel were busy making a mess in the bedroom. They’d managed to wrestle all the pillows off the bed and were making a comfy hiding spot under the comforter where no one would find them. However, they had been found and the sitter was negotiating them out of their cubby hole.

After removing the pups from the bed and relocating them to another room to avoid any further deconstruction, it was time for the sitter to deal with another situation that was lingering in the air still.

Then the chase was on, but the racing speed of Shuffles made it even harder to give him a bath. He’d decided to roll around in the flower bed, and now he smelled far too funky to be hangin around in the house. This took some careful cornering, but eventually the pup ended up in the tub with suds in the fur.

When it was finally bedtime, things had not yet calmed and the fur was still in a frenzy. Shuffles had napped after his bath and was back at his wild tail chase while the others were wrestling in the sofa room. It seemed like there would never be an end to all this chaos, one thing after another.

The breakable things had already been put up high so that they couldn’t be knocked over anymore. The flowers had already been spilled, but luckily the vase was plastic so there was no breaking. There was no braking for the pups either. They were jumping on things and bouncing around and yipping and yapping.

Finally the pups fell asleep snuggled up together, sharing the sofa with Jewel’s pal. The snoring was loud, but they were all comfy, mostly because they were completely tuckered out. It was finally bedtime, but the morning would soon come. Perhaps too quickly for some.

And the next morning, wouldn’t you know, the pups were up early, but not as full of energy. They would have slept in, but the alarm was ringing and no one was turning it off. So might as well get up, and deal with the sluggish morning. In fact, the sun wasn’t exactly up either. It was relaxing behind some clouds, so the morning was nice and cool, preferable for calm moment out in the yard while they all worked on waking up the rest of the way.

The group rumbled outside, some sniffing, others winking, and still others not really thinking.

That’s when Brandon drove up, waving excitedly at the friends he was happy to see. It was not as chipper in the yard, the pups simply watching quietly through tired eyes and slow wagging their tails. They didn’t have the energy to tug anyone around today, and the sitter didn’t really have the strength to hold them back if they did anyway.

The car rolled to a stop and their friend popped out with a big happy grin on his face. The trip had been short, and he was in an especially good and energetic mood this morning. This was in somewhat stark contrast to the audience present to greet him.

“Did you miss me?” Brandon asked as he bent down to rub the ears.

“Miss you?” Nixi woofed. “You’re the one who missed all the fun!”


Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories. Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky, Nixi, and Dante give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own adventures.

Dog Journal – Entry 178: Tight Spot

dog-3071334_640There’s been a few times I’ve gotten myself into a situation that I wasn’t prepared to deal with effectively. And by that fancy sounding phrasing, I actually mean I got stuck. These things do happen, and they will continue to happen.

So now that I’m here, I can remember some of the stickiest situations I’ve been in before. They all flash through your mind when something likes this happens, perhaps my brain is trying to remind me that this is not the first time and perhaps I might learn something from it. Or maybe it’s just because I am bored and can’t do anything else.

One of the scariest times was when I was stuck between the sofa and the wall. I was just minding my own business sitting on the edge of the sofa when all of a sudden I slipped through the crack and down to the floor. I was stuck there until my friend got home, I couldn’t climb out, and there wasn’t enough room to jump. There was barely enough room to wag my tail. But my friend got me out of that one.

Then there was the time I got my nose stuck in the refrigerator door. I was just interested in what was in there. My friend had it open to do a thing with some of the food stuff in there, and I just popped in to see what was up. Then the door closed before I was done, and there was my nose, stuck right in the middle.

My friend seems to have a talent for getting me stuck too, so it’s not just me all the time. This one time, my friend was painting the room, and the paint got in my fur. Apparently, if you get too close to this type of situation, you get the paint on you, and it doesn’t come off unless you get the bath. Terrible way to get out of this one.

And my fur seems to have a mind of it’s own sometimes too. One time it got caught in the air conditioner vent, and I was so scared I couldn’t figure out who was pulling my fur. I must have blamed everything under the sun, but the whole time it was my own fur. I was betrayed.

Other things of mine that have their own mind include my tail. Yes, I have had my tail in the place where a tail should never be, that is to declare, behind the rocking chair. Stuck for a moment, but the aftershocks last for days. Terrible thing, never go near a rocking chair, even when your pal is sitting in it.

But this time, oh yes, this time I have gotten myself stuck in the cookie jar. It was laying there so confidently and practically begging to eat whatever was in it. There were only a few delicious crumbs left, but it seems that when you stick your head into a place that is a tight fit, you cannot get it back out. I did not know this, but I’m telling you now so that you do. And you know that I know this.

So it’s back to the vet’s office to get me out of the jar. I can’t see anything really, it’s all blurry through the sides of this thing, but I had a feeling this is where I’d end up. So for all you pups out there that haven’t found yourself in this predicament yet, don’t… unless the jar is filled with cookies and treats. Then it’s worth it.

Nixi Adventure – Adventures In Puppysitting

animal-1134504_640Nixi and Shuffles were supposed to be good little doggos. That’s what they’d been told when Brandon had left them with the sitter. The instructions had been very clear, they were to be very good, do what they were told, and be happy puppies. Oh, and have a good time.

Then Brandon had patted them both on the head and left with his one bag and a lunch. That’s when it had suddenly dawned on Nixi that he wasn’t taking them with him. It came as a sudden shock, even though he’d been telling them about it all morning long. But now, when they were left with the sitter, things had become very real.

The pups wandered around Jewel’s home, mostly wondering what to do next while Jewel and her friend relaxed on the sofa and watched.

It didn’t take long before the pups began to howl for their friend to come back. Whining and scratching at the door, they danced around in a fret. They were not taking this situation too well, but the first reaction usually wears off after a while.

It wasn’t. Instead, the pups had turned to one another and began discussing what to do next.  Brandon had certainly forgotten to take them with. This had to be a mistake or something. He was coming back at any moment to get them. This was there considering as they woofed back and forth,

Shuffles tried digging under the door, and that’s when the others decided to do something about the anxious pups. It was up from the sofa and the whiny pups were corralled up and leashed. Three pups all bundled together and tethered to one young woman was quite the sight with a lot of potential for things to go awry.

Jewel’s friend decided to take them all out for a breath of fresh air, hoping it would calm them down some. So out they went through the front door and into the yard. This turned out to be a mistake. The pups had now discovered that if they ran fast enough, they could catch up to Brandon somewhere down this road.

And of course dog see dog run, so Jewel had to chase. This pulled their friend into a hop and a rapid skip as she tried desperately to rein the pups back under control. From the sidelines, the neighborhood cat meowed with laughter but quickly ran away when the dogs mushed directly for him.

“I can still smell him!” Nixi ruffed tugging forward, “He’s somewhere this way.”

“Yes, follow me!” Shuffles bounced ahead.

“This is fun!” Jewel yipped.

“Stop!” was all the poor woman could manage as she was drawn out of the yard and onto the sidewalk.

And they stopped. Very suddenly. This left Jewel’s friend in a stumble as she rolled onto the pups that had all stopped in their tracks. At least it was a fluffy landing. When she’d finally gotten up from the pile of dogs and dusted herself off, she pulled the pups back into the yard and relaxed for a moment.

“What were we supposed to be doing now?” Shuffles asked curiously.

“We’re supposed to ‘stop’ is what the game is now,” Jewel answered.

“Yeah, but what about those birds over there?” Nixi wondered.

While they’d finally forgotten to be worried about Brandon, the pups had not forgotten how to give a puppy-sitter a hard time. And that’s because they’d already forgotten what their pal had told them to do…


Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories. Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky, Nixi, and Dante give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own adventures.