Rocky Adventure – Thanksgiving Day

dinner-1060352_640I was so excite. There was much excite. We were all excite. Even the sofa was excite. I don’t know if the big huge bird that they’d stuck in the oven was too excite though. But it smelled delicious, so that was still something to be excite about.

In fact, that’s really what everyone was here for anyway. It was the food. It was always the food. Right from the beggining, I knew it had to be about the food. But that’s good with me. I’m happy. Can’t you see my tail wagging?

Along with the others, all the neighbors had come for a visit and were doing much about nothing. Mostly they were chattering with one another and playing games on one of the tables. I don’t know what’s so fun about those sorts of games, maybe it’s calming, you know, like chewing on an old shoe or something.

As for us dogs, we were being as patient as a pack of lions. Yup, Izzy told us about how they patiently wait for some unsuspecting food to wander by and then pounce. Of course, I couldn’t picture a plate of hamburgers wandering down to the river bank to get a drink of water. But what do I know, the old man doesn’t leave the picture box on while he’s away so I never see things like that.

“I sure wish they’d hurry up and bring the turkey out,” Marty ruffed while rolling his fuzzy worm body around in circles with his big bunny ears snapping back and forth.

“You know what I saw the other day,” Izzy started up with his advice, “There were these funny looking horses with super long necks, and they could eat the food that was high up without ever having to climb anything.”

“So what are we supposed to do?” I asked, perplexed by such commentary.

“Someone needs to make their neck as long as they can, and then snatch some food from up on the counter for us.”

We looked at Izzy, sort of puzzled by what he’d just woofed. I think we were mostly waiting to see if he realized how absurd what he just told us to do was. But nope. When no one did anything, he started stretching his head upward.

“What are you doing now?” Buck asked, from his lazy position in the corner.

“I’m gonna touch the ceiling with my nose,” Izzy woofed out with confidence.

So that went on for a while before Izzy informed us that it doesn’t work while everyone is watching. Thus, we moved on to more interesting things like what was going on with dinner stuffs.

The old man was busy at the counter, doing something to the food before shoving it back in the oven. I’d recommend that it was well done and ready to feast upon. That was not acceptable though and we were set to be patient again.

But our patience wasn’t working. It had become more like a bunch of birds bouncing around in a garden, feeding in a frenzy. There wasn’t much I could do to hold Buck back any longer. He was bound to hound like the howler he was. Of course, that was mostly to compete with his grumbling belly.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door, but I was pretty sure that everyone was already here. I counted all the paws and all the shoes and yuppers, everyone was accounted for. So was someone missing? Or was someone plotting to take our turkey???

Who is the mysterious turkey nabber?


Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories. Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky, Nixi and Dante give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own adventures.

Dog Journal – Entry 142: Escape – How To

dog-2224169_640Have you ever been locked out of a spot you really really want to get in to? Well, I have. And it’s the worst feeling of defeat when you can’t get to that spot you just have to get to. You may not even know why you need to get into there…but it is totally essential that you make yourself be there no matter the cost.

The door is probably the hardest of all things to escape. The only way I’ve found to get out of such a situation is to whine until someone opens it up. Then you just squeeze through. You gotta be quick about it though, or you’ll miss your chance. I have heard about some tiny pups squeezing under the door, but those are just stories I think.

The gate in the hallway has always been annoying. I don’t even know why it’s there, but every now and then my pal puts it up and it makes things just so difficult.

Climbing over all the things is way harder than the cat makes it look. I watched the neighbor’s cat do all sorts of cool things, but none of those tricks worked for me. So Climbing really isn’t my specialty, but a few obstacles and enough time on your paws might just get you out of a tight spot.

The fence is one of those things that no dog should ever dare to escape unless, of course, there’s something really really cool beyond it. Or if your pal is on the other side; then, of course, you have to be on the other side with them. They’d be crazy to go out there by themselves. So you gotta get over there too.

find spots where no one usually goes and look for a place that you can squeeze through.

You might have to dig a little bit, and sometimes the fence might be a little lazy and forget to do its job. Just don’t get caught digging or you’ll give your spot away and you may never be able to escape again. Or at least it’ll be way tougher next time.

That will probably be their weakest point to defend. Not only that, but they may not even be able to squeeze in to chase you, so you’re unstoppable!

I’ve gotten out of all sorts of situations, but it’s because I use my head. Yup. I just keep banging it against things until something gives.

Nixi Adventure – Day of The Licking Puppies

rottweiler-869018_640Nixi was getting exhausted. She’d been running all afternoon with rarely a break for water and not even a snack to fit in between. It was only a matter of time before she gave up, but this was not that moment. She was determined, ever so determined, to stay away from that puppy.

The park had started out relatively empty save an old lady and her old dog that enjoyed the slower pace of hanging around and enjoying being a dog. This made playtime easy and enjoyable for Nixi, Shuffles and Brandon. However, things quickly changed with the single addition of a little girl and her puppy.

All the calm had utterly abandoned the playing field. The puppy was super hyper with a heavy dose of sugar slipped in somewhere. There was no controlling the ball of fuzz that bounced along on it’s own. In fact, one might have even thought someone had tossed a fuzzy ball and it just kept rolling every which way the wind carried it.

Nixi and Shuffles tried to play nicely like it was any other normal day. But today was not that day. Today was a special day. It was the puppy’s birthday. At least that was what the puppy told them. Of course that’s what he’d told everyone everyday since he realized that birthdays were a good occasion for treats.

“It’s my birthday!” the puppy yipped.

“Well happy birthday then,” Nixi woofed as the puppy bounced and swatted at the air.

“Where’s all my presents!” the puppy yipped again, rolling over and doing an odd flip that sort of looked like it should have hurt.

“We, uhm,” Nixi looked at Shuffles and then back at the puppy, “We didn’t know it was your birthday.”

“No problem, just give me a present and make it tasty!” the puppy barked and did another flip.

When it became apparent that the puppy was not getting a present out of Nixi or Shuffles the chase started. No one ran because the puppy was big or anything, it was just that puppies tend to have this strange undefeatable mode where they start trying to play with you and it just getts really crazy from there if you’re trapped in it’s path.

So the puppy chased the doggy duo around and around the water fountain. The race was full of rolls and flipps and direction changes. Sometimes the puppy would chase them from one side, flip over, pause until she’d gotten her bearings and then made a straight shot for the duo.

Meanwhile, everyone else watched and laughed like it was funny or something. But it wasn’t funny to Nixi or Shuffles. They were practically running for their lives. No one wants to be nipped by puppy teeth. It’s a terrible thing and they don’t let go, like tiny crocodiles or something. And all the licking is just too much to handle, especially when they try licking every bit of your face, even your eyeballs!

Luckily for the duo and the old dog that had wandered too close to the scene to be left unlicked, the puppy passed out. It was a long hard race for their lives, but Nixi and Shuffles had finally made it. With one last yip, the puppy rolled over at the fountain and took a lap of water before falling asleep right there.

Nixi and Shuffles found a patch of soft grass to lay down on, panting so hard they could barely squeeze a woof out. They watched happily as the little girl scooped up her puppy and rubbed her down. Finally it was all over. The wild beast was tamed…or so they thought.

A treat for the puppy? Indeed. A sweet piece of deliciousness to wind the puppy back up again. The tail wagged slowly at first and then began to speed up with more enthusiasm. And then the treat was all gone and the puppy said:



Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories. Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky, Nixi and Dante give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own adventures.

Dog Journal – Entry 141: Annoying Friends

dogs-1790046_640I love to hang out with my friends, but every now and then there comes along someone who just won’t relax. You know, the super hyper I gotta do all the things right now kind of pal. And usually they come in the puppy size.

They nibble your ears, nip your tail, and eat your food. Yup, all kinds of annoying things. And the worst part is they’re really good at what they do. It’s like they trained specifically to follow you around. I wonder who teaches them to do that. I never did that. I’ve always been a good boy, just ask anyone that knows me.

So the thing is…how can you avoid them? Can you really get away from them? Don’t they follow you everywhere and ask you what you’re doing all the time? I guess that’s the reason for the problem in the first place.

So you’re gonna have to practice loosing the tail. My best advice, try running really fast and hiding. Eventually they will find you though, so don’t get too comfortable. I remember trying to get away from my pal when he was just a puppy, and it only took him a few days before he knew every single hiding spot I had. Even the secret one where I hide during bath time!

You’ll probably need a backup plan then. My advice, is to distract them with something that is really odd. I’ve noticed that those willy rascals find just about everything interesting, especially if you tell them not to mess with it.

So what I did was I picked a stick out in the yard and I acted like it was totally mine. And that was that. She was busy for a long time trying to keep that stick away from me. So it all worked out really well for me, as long as I didn’t pick up another stick or let her see me with anything else.

As for keeping them out of your food, you’re just gonna have to stuff your face really fast. So if you’ve got an annoying friend over for a visit or just find yourself dealing with a rascally puppy, take my advice, stay calm and take a nap somewhere high.

Rocky Adventure – Marco Polo

flowers-2611590_640The door was wide open to the calm rain that fell outside. I watched from my dry spot in the hallway, observing the old man as he wandered in and out with boxes. I didn’t know what he was up to, but he seemed to be enjoying himself so I let him be.

As for me, I was just as happy hanging out and watching the rain fall softly outside. I really like days like this because everything is so calm. There’s no rushing around trying to do things like chasing off the birds.

I was cozy in my spot, just watching things and thinking things. Mostly I was thinking about finding that hidden treasure out at the park. Izzy told me about it last week, and the ground should be getting nice and soft with all this rain. It wouldn’t be too hard to dig it up and have all those treats to myself. Yup. Good thoughts.

But I was feeling a tingling in my belly and it wasn’t because I was hungry. Nope. All that rain had given me the urge and I needed to take care of it. Hopefully I wouldn’t get too wet. Maybe I can find a spot alongside the house where things were a little drier.

So I headed out the door, passing the old man as he looted a box on the porch. The rain wasn’t exactly drenching, but it was annoying enough that no dog in his right mind would just stand in it. I know because I’ve seen Izzy stand in it before and he’s always out of his mind.

Around the corner was indeed dry enough to allow me to take care of business comfortably. Regardless, I did what I needed to do, sniffed around a little bit and then headed back inside. The rain was starting to fall a little harder, and I didn’t want to be all soaked to the bones.

But when I got back to the porch, lo and behold, the door was shut. The old man was no where to be found and I was stuck outside, all alone. I barked out to the old man to let me inside, but there was no answer.

I scratched at the door and waited. The rain was getting wetter and so was I. There was still no answer though. In the distance, I could hear the birds mocking me, chirping lightly in the shade of the trees, probably drier than I currently was.

It wasn’t long before I started shivering. Why had the old man locked me out? Had he forgotten about me? Where was he? Why didn’t he answer me? What’s for dinner?

The old man was calling me from somewhere inside the house. I could hear his voice through the door, but he wasn’t close. I don’t think he knows where I am. So I called out to him. His voice got a little closer and called me again. I called back. The next time he called out though, he was further away.

“Over here!” I cried out, shivering in the rain.

We must have called out to one another like fifty-thousand-hundred times or something. That’s a legitimate count as well, so don’t go second-guessing my calculations. But eventually, the door swung open and I rushed in past the old man, rubbing myself on the warm carpet and getting the water out of my ears.

“Where were you?” I cried out to my buddy.

He just scratched his head and looked outside. Then at me, then back outside. While I waited for him to answer me, he grabbed a towel out of the hallway closet and stared down at me.

“I’m waiting…” I ruffed and shook myself off again.

Then the towel landed on me and was wrestled and wrapped up like a little doggy in a blanket. The rest of the afternoon was spent snuggled in a warm dry towel while the old man sat in his favorite chair, just a rocking back and forth as he read me a story.


Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories. Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky, Nixi and Dante give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own adventures.

Dog Journal – Entry 140: Blame Game

dog-2785074_640Busted, you’ve now been caught and you’re in deep trouble. You’re cornered and without escape, the finger is on you and the evidence is being brought forth.  Your pal finally figured out what happened to the sofa and you’re to blame. Or are you…

There’s still one last escape. But who can you blame it on? Find someone else, anyone else and put the burden on them. We gotta be smart about this though. You can’t just go blaming anything willynilly and such. Think about it.

So could one of your toys have done it? The sofa? Don’t be so quick about throwing ideas out there without thinking about who the blame needs to land on at the end of the day.

So you’re gonna have to start with where you were because of course you are completely innocent because you weren’t anywhere near whatever whenever it happened. Where were you taking an awesome nap when the sofa suddenly exploded everywhere? Probably snuggled real comfy on the bed or maybe chewing on your favorite toy.

Then you’re gonna have to pin the tail on whoever did the thing. Who else is in the house? You need to pick out someone who can take the blame for you. And it’d be best if you pick someone who isn’t there to defend themselves…you know, blame you right back or something.

The cat is an easy mark. Of course he did it, it was always the cat right from the beginning. He’s always slinking around and plotting sneaky things to do.

Meeces and crawly critters that love to invade the home are always sneaky enough to do something like tear things up or ransack the food stores. Of course it was them and you’ve been warning your pal about them for days now too.

Birds hanging around the house might just work for a good pattsy. Even if they had to fly inside to do it, it’s just as good. Maybe it’s even better since they’re gone now. They’re for sure guilty otherwise they’d have stayed for dinner.

What if you don’t have anyone around to blame? It just happened all of a sudden. What can you do? You were snuggled up nice and warm on the bed and then- WOOMF! The sofa exploded into a ball of fluff and such. It’s worth a try at least.

So next time you’re in a pinch, just relax and blame the cat. After all, you are such a cute little innocent dog, and who could blame a dog with a pair of ears like yours?

Dante Adventure – Critter-Sitter

box-2413877_640There was a knock at the door. It was the neighbor. He was sure nice, but very short and very quick about whatever it was he told Gracie. In fact, he didn’t even have time to converse with Skipper and me. Oh well, he’s not really that fun anyway.

However, the parcel that he left with Gracie was of great interest. You see, it was a simple box that wouldn’t have seemed out of the ordinary at all. But it made noises. Lots of noise. I could hear squeaking and the rustle of tiny little paws scraping around. There was something inside of the box, and that was what was so interesting.

After the neighbor left, Gracie took the box to the kitchen table and we followed along. This was far too interesting to simply ignore, and we wanted to see if we’d gotten a new pal to hang around with.

But whoever or whatever was in that box was off limits to us pups. Gracie inspected the box and stared inside, making funny faces and sounds as she did. Whatever it was seemed to be so interesting to her, perhaps even more interesting than us.

After a while, we were shewed away from the kitchen table and told to go play in the sofa room. So we reluctantly did, but there were all those odd noises coming from the kitchen. It was so obnoxious that I couldn’t nap. I kept wondering what those things were, and eventually I drifted off into a lite slumber snuggled up with my good buddy.

When I did wake up, it wasn’t because I was done napping. Nope. It was because I was getting blamed for taking the shoes again. This wasn’t the first time, and it probably won’t be the last one either. Something about Gracie and losing things. Yesterday it was her keys, today the shoes, tomorrow it’ll probably be something about the socks again.

But Skipper didn’t do it either. We had both just been hanging out on the sofa since the last round of races about the sofa. Other than that, we hadn’t gone anywhere or done anything. No mischief here today. We have that scheduled in for tomorrow.

So who did it? Skipper and I blamed Gracie for misplacing her shoes again, just like the other day, but she insisted that it was us that were to blame. We went back and forth like this for a bit more before coming to no conclusion.

Skipper turned his head in a peculiar way and stood fast. His ears twitched around like they were looking for something. Then he turned to me and woofed, “Do you hear that?”

I listened while Gracie waited for us to answer her for the bagillionth time. But I couldn’t hear anything special. Nothing at all. It was actually pretty quiet. “I don’t hear anything,” I woofed back.

“Exactly,” Skipper barked. “The scratching sound is gone!”

He was right, the sounds coming from the box had completely gone quiet. We had to check it out! Both of us rushed into the kitchen only to find the box the neighbor had brought over was now on the floor…and it was empty!




Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories. Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky, Nixi and Dante give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own adventures.

Dog Journal – Entry 139: So Far Away

dog-2901704_640Have you ever had your best buddy leave for a really long time? Not just to go to work or something for the day, I mean a really long time. Like when they miss a whole bunch of dinners and you’ve gotta stay with friends or something.

I mean, it practically felt like I had to make all new friends. Luckily, I got to be with his mama and papa and their cat, and the cat turned out to be a real cool cat, but too much of a smooth talker to be trusted with anything edible.

Another thing is that I had to get used to always being a little lonely. No matter how many pals I had around with me for a game, there was something not quite right about it all.

It was like there was always something missing.

In fact, I can recall that I would have likely  forgot about my pal if it weren’t for those oft dreams where he’d show up with a bag of toys ready to play. But sometimes I’d just sit on the sofa and remember some of the cool stuff we’d do, like when I’d tear up the sofa and he’d clap his hands…wait, I got those confused again. See what I mean? Maybe that’s why I keep getting into so much trouble.

And I especially missed out on all the special snacks and treats and back rubs my pal was always giving me. And just the comfort of hanging out with my pal, relaxing together, was all missing in my life.

But when he got back home, boy was I happy. I was so happy that my tail wore out the rug I think. I couldn’t believe my ears, finally hearing my pal’s voice in the longest time and smelling his funny smells that tell me that I was doubtless reunited with my bestest buddy.

I couldn’t even sleep I was so excited, dashing back and forth trying to think of all the things I needed to tell him. So many stories and adventures I wanted him to know about, especially the ones where I needed his help the most.

Then I got to show him some of the new toys I’d gotten, and even told him about the noodle incident…well, only the funny part. But the best part about it all is that he was here to stay and now I won’t have to tell him about my adventures. We’ll have ’em together from now on.

Nixi Adventure – Play With Me

chicks-573377_640Nixi followed along with Shuffles, checking out all the cool stuff. The aisles were lined with neat things, toys and pillows, and even some treats. All of it was so awesome to find in one place, and the best part was that they weren’t alone.

Other peoples and their dogs wandered about, checking out toys and trying out beds and things of this nature. The echo of dogs barking from somewhere else in the store told everyone else that they were dogs and were wondering if all the others were dogs too. Basically, there were a lot of things going on all at the same time, and each dog to their own tale.

Nixi and Shuffles were busy checking out the edge of an aisle with all the balls. There were balls with bells, some that had other balls inside of them, ones with ropes so you always knew where to find it, and even a ball that was shaped like a box. All sorts of cool things. But that wasn’t really where their attention was.

The tiny birds bounced around beyond the fenced area, chirping and dancing happily as they chased and scratched the ground. It was a strange sight to the pups, but it was so cool. It was as if squeaky little chew toys were bouncing around, waiting to be played with. But there was the fence.

“Will they let us in?” Shuffles whined, pawing at the fence, wanting one of the little chicks to play with him.

But no, there would be no dogs allowed. There were rules here, and the ladies beyond the fence would not let their tiny chicks play with the pups. Neither would Brandon allow the pups to get too close of a sniff.

When the pups wouldn’t stop negotiating for a playdate with the squeaky chicks, Brandon decided they needed to move on and check out something else. Apparently the toy aisle just wasn’t as interesting as the chirping critters.

So the group moved on to other areas of the store. There were tons of beds here, and one was bound to be just the right size for Shuffles. It was probably a good thing to check out since Nixi was getting tired of sharing hers with the still-growing pup that was occupying more and more space.

But there was something to sidetrack hanging around the next corner. There was a spot fenced in where no dogs were allowed. But beyond the fence was a man tending to the rabbits. The pups had never seen such things and wanted to play with the fuzzy fluff balls that bounced around.

Nope. Playing was forbidden here as well. Apparently the bunnies were just for looks, not for sniffs and chases. No matter how smoothly shuffles proposed his play-plan to the man who was herding up the rabbits, the no-dogs allowed policy stood fast.

When the pups refused to stop staring through the fence, Brandon tugged the pair along to another spot, this one hopefully wouldn’t have some strange distraction.

The coast was clear and the pups focused on the food aisle. There were so many flavors and sorts to choose from and more than any dog could ever eat in one sitting. But picking and choosing which ones they wanted wasn’t really up to them. That didn’t stop them from putting some of them on their wish lists.

Brandon escorted his friends down the way, pointing out which ones seemed appealing to him, but what did he know, he was a peoples. The dogs sniffed around, dancing back and forth checking out the lower shelves and wondering what was high above. Everything seemed to be going so smoothly.

Then they reached the end of the aisle and saw them. Oh yes, it was them. It had to be them all along. Brandon wondered how it could not have been them. But it was them, and both pups were happy as could be that it was them.

The children were petting and playing with every dog that came their way. They dipped down and inspected the short dogs with a back rub, and grabbed and hugged the big ones with a tug on the ears. But if there’s anyone out there that knows how to play with a dog, it’s a children.

Nixi and Shuffles were no exception to slip by without playing with the group of children that were wandering around the store. These ones didn’t have any fence around them and unlike the others, the parents did say that this time, dogs were allowed!


Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories. Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky, Nixi and Dante give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own adventures.

Dog Journal – Entry 138: Another One

dogs-1210323_640One thing dog’s don’t like sharing is their best friend. I love my best buddy. He’s my bestest buddy, and I don’t like sharing him with others. I don’t know, don’t ask why, but I’ll tell you why! I’m a dog. It’s what I do. I’m good at being a dog, so I don’t like sharing my pal’s attention and all the belly rubs I get at the end of the day.

So who’s out to snatch my best buddy from me you might ask…Well I’ll be honest with you, these things seem to happen most often when I’m not around to keep him out of trouble. I’m guessing it’s a common issue, perhaps peoples should be inclined to take their dog everywhere from now on in order to prevent this.

But in my instance, my pal brought home another fuzzy critter. Yes. It has four paws and a tail and whiskers and rolls around yipping and yapping. It just sort of happened one day when he got home and dropped the newcomer down on the floor with me. At first, I thought he was just here for a visit, but nope. Apparently I have a new roommate.

What this means is I have to share my treats. That’s not good no matter which way you turn it. I know I still get the same treat every day, but I noticed he’s getting one too, so that means I could have had that treat if he weren’t around…

Now the rascal won’t stop hopping into my bed with me too. I don’t like it. Makes me feel funny and I can’t get comfy enough to snooze. He gets all up and snuggly with me and breathes his puppy breath in my nose. And since he’s there, I gotta groom him and keep his whiskers clean, so that’s a whole other thing.

Probably the worst thing is that the attention has been split up, and not necessarily evenly. Now we gotta go through and teach the pup all the tricks and rules of the house. That takes time and that’s time I could have been spending with my pal out at the park chasing sticks or something really cool.

Another thing is that he tears up my toys for me. That’s one of my favorite things to do, and here he is just chewing all the fuzz out of my new toy I just got. All the fun already spread out all over the floor, and I get the blame afterwards. I don’t even get to have the fun of the mischief I get credit for.

He totally takes my spot on the sofa and hoards all the bellyrubs. Then when I try to get up there and get my share, there’s just not enough room for me. And when I voice my complaints, I’m told to just relax and be patient. I’m a dog, I don’t even know what “patient” means!

But the upside is that now I’ve got someone to boss around. So maybe it’s not all bad. Now I’ve got a partner in mischief…and maybe we can put our noggins together and figure out where that secret treat stash is being kept once and for all.