Dante Adventure – Tattle Tails

0715171244-001I watched my furry little friend sitting so impatiently in the corner. It’s all fun and games until someone gets into trouble, and Skipper was the one to get it. And boy, he’s got it bad. We’d both been warned not to do the thing we did, and you figure that after the whole spaghetti noodle incident, someone would have learned a lesson.

But it was just too much fun to resist.

“Why didn’t you get into trouble too,” Skipper moaned.

“I guess because I wasn’t the one who got caught,” I woofed back.

“That’s just because you were loosing the game…” Skipper mocked me.

Gracie’s voice echoed from the other room, reminding Skipper to behave himself while he was in time-out. For a peoples, she sure has good ears sometimes. But she still won’t listen when we give her the correct directions to the park…we always end up at the doc’s office or someplace different.

Skipper turned back to his corner, sulking to himself and feeling down. I doubt he felt bad about what we did, he just didn’t like getting caught. That’s probably why I feel pretty good. I didn’t get caught, but that’s because my paws weren’t in the cookie jar this time.

“I’m gonna tell Gracie that it was all your idea,” Skipper murmured to me, sort of as a warning.

“She’s not even gonna believe you,” I woofed back quickly, eager to settle him down before he got too frisky.

“Naw, you should be in the corner too,” Skipper barked.

Gracie walked briskly into the kitchen and eyed both of us. Then she pointed at Skipper and looked at her watch thingy before leaving as quickly and quietly as she’d entered the room. Apparently, she was still mad about things. Best not to make it any worse.

“Better just sit still until the time is up,” I warned. “You’re just getting yourself into more trouble.”

“Leave me alone then,” Skipper woofed. “Just go tell on yourself or something.”

No way was I gonna fess up that I’d helped Skipper do the things we did. No way. Just look at all the trouble he’s in…and time-out has gotta be the worst thing I could wish on a dog. All the playing and napping and eating and such that needs to be done, no dog has time for time-out.

To sort of raise the mood of things, I bounced around the room, quiet-like mind you, just for entertainment purposes. I was thinking maybe it’d make Skipper a little happier. But it didn’t. He just eyed me with his frowny-face, or maybe it was that face you make when you’re plotting something. Maybe he was going to tell on me.

“Seriously, you can’t tell on me,” I reasoned with Skipper, “then we’ll both be in hot water.”

Skipper was quiet though, keeping that face as he eyed me. I scuttled over to him convince him to forget the whole thing had ever happened…and that’s when he snapped at me. It wasn’t a really mean snap, but it was so sneaky and quiet that I jumped back in surprise.

That little move backed me right into the table. Seriously, it was barely a nudge. It couldn’t have even shaken the salt in the shaker it was so minuscule. But the bowl sitting up somewhere above begged to differ. With a loud smashing sound that was near deafening, the bowl fell to the floor, spilling out Gracie’s dinner.

Skipper howled out to Gracie, “OH! Look what he did! So much trouble!”

Less than a fraction of a moment later, Gracie was in the kitchen, staring hard down at me. Then the bowl was studied. Then me again. The finger pointed at me and then to the corner. Slumping in my corner, I looked at Skipper and he looked at me. And that’s the last time was saw each other…for the next five minutes.


Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories. Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky, Nixi and Dante give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own adventures.

Dog Journal – Entry 130: Pillow Fight

dog-2261066_640If there’s one thing that just bugs me, it’s when I find out there’s someone else in my house. Yes, it does happen more often than you think. Everything’s peaceful and quiet and then you suddenly realize that you’re not alone.

And the funny thing is…your pal is the one that put it there. Yes, I’m barking about the stuffed critters that pop up every then and now. Sometimes they’re on the bed, just hanging out, maybe on the chair in the kitchen, or even in the corner laying in wait to scare you.

Wherever they are, you might ask me how I deal with them. Well, whether you ask me or not, I will tell you. But let me just add this little disclaimer, it often turns out that these stuffed rascals are actually buddies with your pal, so you might get into a lot of trouble if you ruff them up too much.

They are so hard to sneak up on because no matter what you seem to try, they’re looking right at you with their beady little eyes. It’s like they’re plotting on you or something. So don’t give them any more time to lay out the plans.

Get them off the bed. That’s your bed, and if they get comfy sitting there too long, they’ll consider moving in on your space. Toss them off. Don’t let anything they try intimidate you.

One thing I’ve noticed is that I’ve never heard one make a sound until you tackle them. Sometimes they squeak, but don’t let that distract you.

When tackling any type of stuffed invader, don’t worry about them trying to make any sudden moves. It’s like they’re just waiting for you to try something. I’ve never had one yet that can out-wrestle me though, but I’m a pretty tough rascal.

I like to drag them to the front door and leave them there so my pal can see what good work I’ve done protecting the home. But if you think you might get into any trouble when disposing of the invading pillow critter, just stuff them under the bed.

So any of you pups out there take down any over-sized stuffed animals lately?

Nixi Adventure – A Game

dog-2415901_640Brandon trapped Nixi under his chair again and tickled her feet. It was a challenge to hold the pup still long enough to get to those kicking paws, but he was getting good at it. He wiggled his fingers, checking for any stickers and such that might be in there.

There really wasn’t anything in Nixi’s paws. It was just a game that needed to be played every now and then when Brandon had run into a road block up in his head. Those old brainstorms sometimes get stuck on the horizon and all you end up with is a whole lot of wind blowing through. At least that’s what it feels like every now and then.

Nixi had no idea about her pal’s lack of ideas. All she wanted was to see what he was up to and then it was game on. All of a sudden and without warning, she was getting trapped and the tickle monster was trying to snack on her paws. This made it really hard to run, but at least it was fun.

Kick, roll, spin, and bark was Nixi’s main tactic. It worked well at confusing anyone around that might have the desire to tickle her, but it wasn’t her plan to end the game too early either. Sometimes these surprise games are the best ones, and they always lead to others.

Like now, if Nixi were to get away, then Brandon will have to chase. You can’t just quit these games or run away, you gotta go all the way to the end. And no one really knows when that might be.

Nixi jumped up and and tried to hop away, but Brandon had snagged her and rolled her back under his chair, flipping her belly-up so he could tickle her paws again. She yipped and ruffed her playful barks, informing Brandon that he was no match for her escape skills. It’s just that she wasn’t using her best ones yet…that was her trump-card to be played in case of emergency.

But Brandon had not yet begun to tickle. He was barely using both hands, let alone moving as fast as was necessary to keep his fuzzy friend subdued. He was just toying with her at the moment, but he could keep her there forever in tickle mode if he so desired.

And that’s when Shuffles bounded in to see what all the commotion was about. Everyone froze- Shuffles looked at Brandon. Brandon looked at Nixi. Nixi looked at Shuffles. After a brief pause of all paws, the game started back up with a new player on the scene.

A few bounds later, Shuffles had gotten caught in Brandon’s tickle trap, paws kicking at the air furiously trying to escape the grasp of the their pal’s hands. But the tickling would not stop, it would never stop. Not until…

That’s when the storm finally hit and the light bulb came on inside Brandon’s head. He knew exactly what to do! He’d finally figured it out!

And the pups were both glad they could help…but what about finishing the game first?


Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories. Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky, Nixi and Dante give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own adventures.

Dog Journal – Entry 129: The Art of Sneaking

dog-eyes-2371759_640One trick every dog needs to know is how to sneak. It’s extremely important for various reasons, including getting out of trouble, grabbing a snack, and even hunting. Oh yes, hunting. You see, there are many things I like to hunt, like sandwiches and even birds hanging out in the yard.

Here are a few thoughts of mine on sneaking, and do remember, it is a fine form of art and must be practiced to perfection.

Focus on whatever it is you’re trying to catch. Zone in and forget everything else. Even if there’s a chair in the way, it doesn’t matter. You see, when you’re sneaking, all the other things around you will not be there when you do finally go for the chase.

Sometimes you can use things like sofa’s and chairs to hide your movement though, like take for instance your pal is snacking in his favorite spot on the sofa and the bag of chips is hanging off the edge. Well sneak right in front of him…sneak behind the sofa. Then the bag of chips will be yours.

Now if whatever it is you’re sneaking up on happens to see you, like take for instance the cat spots you, just keep sneaking. Act like they can’t even see you. This will cause them to be utterly confused and frozen in wonder.

Then when they do finally bolt, you must obviously chase. And don’t worry about getting spotted because when you’re in sneak-mode, you are not actually able to be detected. Sure they might see you, but that doesn’t really count. At least that’s what I tell myself.

If you like to do a lot of sneaking and you want to get a jump on the action, why not start by picking a favorite place to start from, which I call my hide’n spot.  Just make sure you can get a good view of at least two rooms, my preference is both kitchen and sofa room. You can’t go wrong here since this is where all the important stuff seems to take place in at least one of them.

Also…never sneak past a sandwich that’s all alone. Always sneak to a sandwich so it won’t be alone.

So do tell, how good are your sneaking skills? Got any advanced moves I can try out around the house? Maybe test out my skills on my pal next time he’s eating a pizza?

Rocky Adventure – Cookie Jar

cookie-20011_640I didn’t know what to do. Really, who could have been prepared for a situation like this? How often would anyone get stuck in a situation like this? It’s not that I was panicked or anything, but this was one of those strange situations.

“Just pull your head out of there already,” I woofed, worried that we’d be caught.

Only a muffled woof could be heard. Izzy’s reply was snuffed by the jar stuck on his head. This situation was getting worse and worse. And if we got caught like this in the kitchen, boy we were gonna be out of treats for at least a week.

I pawed and gnawed the jar, trying to loosen it’s grip on my pal’s head. This was harder than it sounded since Izzy was shaking his head back and forth and basically trying to do his own thing. With our communication pretty much cut off and Izzy blind as could be, it was up to me to solve this problem.

Thing is…I have no idea what to do.

Izzy bumped into the table and chairs and started banging around creating even more of a mess. I tried to herd him out from under the table, but he was just too big to maneuver. If he made too much of a ruckus, we were sure to be found out, and the secret of the cookie-jar snatching would be found out.

Things got louder when one of the chairs fell over, but it didn’t slow Izzy down one bit. He banged the jar around on the legs of the chair, struggling to get free. Soon after the chair fell, Izzy went into a spaz-spin right in the middle of the kitchen.

“Stop it!” I barked. “You’re making too much noise!”

Of course, I was only adding to the chaos that had ensued, so caught myself there. But Izzy was outdoing me by a longshot. The jar hit one thing after another, making a horrible banging noise that even the mailman had to have heard.

Then with an even louder “pop,” the jar flew free and landed up somewhere on the counter top. Izzy fluffed his fur and gave everything a funny look that said, “I’m free!” After a few rolls around the kitchen floor, he hopped to his feet and grinned.

“So…are there anymore peanut butter cookies left?” Izzy woofed.

“What? Do you know how much trouble we’ll be in if they caught…”

The back door opened and the voices of our friends echoed through the house. They’d heard about what we’d done, that was apparent now. But they’d still have to find us before we could be in trouble. Them’s the rules.

“Hide!” Izzy and I woofed together and dashed into the sofa room for cover.


Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories. Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky, Nixi and Dante give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own adventures.

Dog Journal – Entry 128: Barred

the-son-of-a-bitch-191793_640If there’s one thing a pup just flat out gets upset about, it’s being behind the door. Doors, blockades, and other barriers can be a real annoyance to have in your path. You can’t get out to play and then there’s all the thoughts of how much fun everyone is having playing somewhere beyond.

So I’ve thought of a few barricades my pal keeps around the house, and how I’ve learned to get around them.

The hallway gate blocking off areas like the kitchen isn’t as bad as some might think. You can usually see through it and it’s not too high and intimidating. So most pups can just jump over them, but I prefer to open mine. Yeah, I open it with a running start too…and then crash! I’m through.

Then there’s the backyard fence. Some might consider it a nuisance, and the escape route is just simply to dig. You gotta have the paws for it though and do not get caught. And if you get beyond the fence, do not get caught either…especially by the dog catcher.  This is probably why the fence is the one barrier that I do approve of because it keeps strangers like the dog catcher from getting into my yard. And there’s really nothing beyond that I’d really like to get to unless my pal is with me on some sort of adventure.

Furniture blockades are a technique I’ve heard some peoples using to stop a pup from getting into places where mischief is waiting. Take the laundry room for example: I really like sorting out my friend’s clothes and spreading them out on the floor so they can be examined carefully. But apparently this is not acceptable, so there’s a chair with a box on it in front of that little room. This quickly taught me how to climb, so get your skills up on traveling up.

This eventually led to establishing of a superior blockade. The dreaded door is the one thing that I have yet to master opening. Once it’s closed, whatever is beyond is only reachable by howls and yelps and barks. I’ve watched my pal open the door to the laundry stuffs, but I just can get the hang of how to work that ball hanging off the side. If anyone has any hints or suggestions on how to get in there, leave me a how-to and I’ll see if I can get it done. That laundry really needs to be sorted out straight sometime soon.

Dante Adventure – Fireworks

fireworks-1285271_640We followed Gracie into the crowd, being sure to stick close so she didn’t wander off on us or anything. It wasn’t exactly the most tail-friendly location, but the scent of snacks was in the air and we were powerless to fight the urge to seek it out.

Skipper stopped for a moment to scratch his belly, slowing us down from getting to wherever it was that we were going. In fact, I have no idea what our destination is supposed to be. Why were all these people here? Why aren’t we chasing sticks or playing tag? Many questions that I just couldn’t answer.

But the most important question was waiting to be answered. Where was this food that we could smell? Who had it and was there enough for us too? My guess was that all the people shuffling around us were wondering the same things too. Why? Because we couldn’t see a spot of food anywhere.

Then I saw her, a small child holding a dripping cone of ice cream that was so delicious I could taste the looks of it. One drip, two drip, the grass was getting soaked in unwanted leftovers that needed to be cleaned up.

“This way,” I tugged the others. Maybe I could grab a taste, but maybe we could ask him where there was more as well.

Before I could reach it, Gracie tugged me back on their track, holding fast to the direction we were supposed to be heading. Skipper laughed at me and shuffled along the grass, pausing his paws long enough to sniff the occasional discarded napkin.

That’s when things changed radically. The sky lit up with a bright flash, then came the booms. All the booms. Skipper and I froze right in place, waiting to see if the booms were coming to get us. Then more pops and booms lit up the dark sky, and all the people around us started cheering.

But it wasn’t for any food or anything that we could see. It was as if they enjoyed the fire in the sky and all the loud ka-booms that it was making. It was sort of wierd, but then again, people do the strangest things.

Then the people started singing their songs. We couldn’t understand them, but I’m always up for a fancy song. I love to sing. In fact, I get requests all the time…but I keep singing anyway.

So we sang along too, Skipper and I. We sounded good, right in tune. Even Skipper’s belly gurgled along with us too.


Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories. Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky, Nixi and Dante give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own adventures.

Dog Journal – Entry 127: Opportunity Strikes

sandwich-148023_640It’s hard to resist a good opportunity to snag a snack, even for the most well-behaved pup. But it’s part of being a dog I guess. I know I can’t help myself when I spot an unwatched sandwich or even a piece of pizza just left lying around unattended.

So I thought I’d just point out a few opportune moments when and where you can help yourself to an unscheduled snack.

Late at night is amongst my pup-sonal favorites. I guess it’s just because my buddy is just plain forgetful and leaves the leftovers on the table and such. My buddy leaves leftovers wherever he’s been sitting, so I just come up behind him after he’s gone to bed and clean up. And he rarely notices anything’s missing too, so everything’s cool in the end.

If you do get lucky and your pal left something out on the table, you just have to wait for them to go to sleep, then slip on into the kitchen and do the dishes for them. They may even be grateful that you did so.

One of the best opportunities is just when the lights are out. People can’t see very well in the dark, but you have your keen senses…so put them to use. Just putter around quietly and rely on your nose to find the food stashes where no one else can see you, except for maybe the cat.

You can also pull food right off the plate if you’re daring enough. You just have to be patient enough to wait for them to look away or get distracted by something. Luckily, distractions aren’t hard to come by these days. Just be sure to run and hide and chomp that food down as quick as you can. If your pal finds out, they’ll try to take it away from you, so you gotta make fast with the foods.

If you’re the impatient pup, you can also make your own opportunity by simply creating a distraction. Things like loud noises or even a fancy story too wild to ignore can get someone’s mind off their food. And people love it when you tell them stories, especially ones about

So what’s been the best opportunity you’ve ever had when it comes to snagging a snack? Was it because someone left it unattended…or did you have to try one of my tricks to get it?

Nixi Adventure – Upward

elevator-358249_640Nixi and Shuffles waited for Brandon to open the door. It was a strange sort of dance with heads turning to and fro to check every move of their friend as well as just making sure the door was still there.

“Open the door, hurry!” the pups whined in unison.

Brandon was slow because he was carrying the things. He juggled the bag and the other bag and the third bag that had been stuffed with snacks. All the things were changing hands as Brandon tried to decide the best way to carry the stuff. He’d considered having the pups carry some stuff, but that didn’t quite seem feasible.

The pups had quickly recognized what was going on here. There was fun time to be had out in the park. It was a favorite past-time, but something was a little different about this time. Brandon was trying to carry too much stuff all at the same time.

Eventually, the front door opened to reveal Jewel and her friend who had been waiting for what seemed like forever. But there was no time to complain, it was time to get moving. They had to get to the park!

The crowd moved toward the elevator and crammed inside. It was a full house, sandals flopping around on the cool floor and nails clicking as the pups danced around excitedly. Impatiently, they all waited for the doors to open out into the lobby so they could get this show on the road.

But the doors didn’t open into the lobby. With a loud “ding,” the doors slid open right into a hallway identical to the one they’d just left. The pups were confused. Were they going to the park or was this some sort of joke. Brandon hopped out, still juggling his bags and started making his way down the hallway.

Reluctantly, the pups followed him, not knowing where they were going. Down the hall and to the right was a lonely door that no one would have even noticed had Brandon not stopped right in front of it and waited.

Once the crowd was gathered, Jewel’s pal grabbed the handle and pushed. The door opened up big and wide, revealing a stair case that led upward. The pups were utterly baffled by this new thing. The park was down, not up some stairs. Things were getting confusing.

Brandon stepped in and climbed the stairs, calling for the others to follow his lead. With little other choice, everyone tagged along and climbed upward as well. All the sides were solid walls, and there was a nice coolness that seemed to radiate off of them.

At the top of the stairs, another door was pushed open, letting in the nice cool air of the afternoon. The pups peered out curiously, trying to figure out what this place was. The ground was covered in some sort of fake grass that couldn’t deceive the pups, but it was better than hot pavement.

That’s when they noticed all the others. There were more people and pups up here, hanging around in the cool of the afternoon. The pups splashed around in a small tub of water as they wrestled for the rope. The people were hanging around a table, doing things that sounded yummy.

Brandon laid out some food stuffs up high on the table, but denied any pup from seeing what else was happening. It was to remain a mystery it seemed. The only clues were passed along as the breeze carried lite whiffs of the different snacks to be had.

“What are we waiting for?” Nixi barked. “When do we eat?”


Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories. Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky, Nixi and Dante give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own adventures.

Dog Journal – Entry 126: The Thunder

dark-1836972_640I know we’re supposed to be protectors of the home and all that, but how can you protect your home from something you can’t see? Yeah, what will you do then? Most of the time, some good old fashioned barking will take care of the situation just fine, but there is a thing that is even more persistent than you.

Yes, it’s the thunder. That crazy old thunder that lurks somewhere beyond your line of sight. I don’t know what it looks like, but it sounds super mean.

So the best thing you can do is hide. That’s what I do. It works pretty well. I still haven’t been found by the thunder, though come to think of it, that’s probably why I haven’t ever found the thunder. It’s better that way though. Much safer.

So here are my favorite places to go:

Under the bed is the best. But if the covers are already all messed up, just hop on in and make a cave of comfy protection. Pupsonally, I really like making a little cave for myself, and the fluff really muffles all the noise that pesky thunder makes.

Also, behind the commode or under the sink, whichever you prefer, makes for a pretty decent spot. For some strange reason, even the thunder is afraid of getting a bath, so it should stay far far away from the bathroom.

What if you’re stuck outside? Run. Just run. Even if it’s in circles.

In the sofa. Yes, deep in the sofa with all the cushions around you. It’s even better if your pal is nearby. Just don’t let them make fun of you too much. You see, they may not admit it, but they’re scared of the thunder too.

Which does bring up probably the ideal place to go when the thunder is lurking…right into your pal’s lap. You see, you’re not just there for your safety, you’re there for their’s as well. Plus, this is probably the best time to get belly rubs and back massages as a bonus award.

So what’s your favorite place to go when the thunder rolls in on you unexpectedly? Give us some ideas please, maybe I’ll try one next time.